Former New York City Boss and billionaire, Mike Bloomberg, attempted to ban Big Gulps and other extra-large sodas from the Big Apple. Of course, Boss Mike also banned smoking, driving cars in many parts of the city, and anything else that he found personally offensive.

This is just part of the modern trend whereby those with a fat wallet deem themselves in a position to run the lives of their plebeian fellow citizens in every manner possible, much in the way that kings used to feel free to regiment every aspect of their subjects’ lives. Those of us without ten figure investment accounts are obviously in need of guidance from our financial betters.

Sheryl Sandberg is best known for writing a feminist manifesto called Lean In; her side job is as Facebook CFO, where her main claim to business fame has been to grossly mismanage Facebook’s IPO. But no matter, the financial boss became a billionaire in the process, and major Obama fundraiser. Rumor has it that between writing books, her Lean In Foundation, and her political activities, she manages to fit in a few minutes every day for Facebook business.

Sandberg wants to make sure that little girls don’t grow up in an oppressive America, a country that has clearly been so cruel to her. So she’s started a Ban Bossy campaign to make sure that the princesses of America hear only encouraging things in their formative years.

Sandberg has been joined in her campaign by the billionaire bosses of Google, who added a link to the Google home page in support of the Ban Bossy campaign. Interesting that Google doesn’t ban porn, or pirated material from their searches, but they’re all for joining the political correctness movement to ban a word like bossy.

Here at the Outrage, we’re kinda hoping someone will ban bossy billionaires. We may not be rich, but we’re pretty sure we can figure out how to talk to our daughters.

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