Michelle Obama is the Marie Antoinette of our times. Having been ashamed of America until it had the good sense to elect her husband to the presidency, she has exploited her position for personal gain to a degree that would make any third world dictator proud.

Currently on a “private” trip to China, Mrs. Obama, her two daughters, and her mother are staying in the $8,400 a night presidential suite at a Beijing Hotel, which was deemed too expensive for a previous trip by Vice President Biden. While billed as a private trip, Mrs. Obama has an entourage of 70, flies on military planes and has a full contingent of Secret Service and personal staff, all of whom are also housed and fed in five star comfort at tax-payer expense. The White House has refused to release the cost of the trip – this from a president who promised to run the most transparent administration ever.

Like many of the “public servants” around the world, Mrs. Obama views her position as First Lady as nothing more than an opportunity to plunder the public coffers – and hey, in a nation $17.5 trillion dollars in debt, who will know the difference!

The Obamas have nothing but contempt for the people who have to do real work to pay for these junkets. But hey, the American people have become such pathetic tools, perfectly willing to be abused and trampled on, that they barely notice. So Party On Michelle, and just keep flipping the bird at the poor, tax-paying suckers who pick up the bills.

To read more about the first family’s wild lifestyle, including the Obama’s million dollar date night, go to http://whitehouseexpenses.com/


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