This is Scrapbook

This is what you can do with Scrapbook:

Save content, with your own comments, from Attitude Media directly, or save references and comments to content on or off the web.
From Positive Quote of the Day Newsletter

Save Quote to scrapbook page


Save Quote to scrapbook page

Scrapbook will just know how to organize it! And just hit the Explore button for much more info

my clippings page

We'll find similar content you might be interested in, as well as the best discussions, where to buy it, samples, and much more when you hit the Explore button.

explore page

Then we'll show you how all your pieces of content are related, showing connections you have added, as well as connections we suggest.
You need to have saved a few items in your scrapbook before puzzle becomes useful, but the more you save, the more fun it becomes!

puzzle chart

It all starts with the clipping panel.

clipping panel