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Positive Press

  • "Success caught Groom by surprise, but sometimes even journalists find it satisfying to learn that nice guys can finish first."
  • – CNNfn
  • "Be sure to contemplate their thought of the day and send in your own good news."
  • – Yahoo
  • "Positive Saying of the Day has found a niche in cyberspace."
  • "Groom chooses bounce-back stories, stories of quiet heroism."
  • – Reuters

The Outrage

  • "A brilliant use of the Web."
  • – Web Magazine
  • "Unbridled rants that can brighten even the dullest day."
  • – Netscape’s Netcenter
  • "John Groom also understands that man’s nature is contradictory."
  • – The Boston Globe
  • "Entertaining rants on topics such as NBA labor negotiations and government waste."
  • – Playboy
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