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From Tragedy to Triumph: 100 Amazing and Inspiring Comebacks

We live in challenging times, when even the most successful among us may occasionally become overwhelmed by problems relating to money, marriage, parenting, illness, stress, or any of the myriad challenges we all face from time to time. Tragedy to Triumph will show you how 100 people from all over the world, and from all walks of life, have faced, and eventually overcome, every sort of obstacle. Or perhaps you just enjoy reading amazing comeback stories, in which people have overcome great odds to not just survive, but thrive.

Why Do We Get Up Everyday, And Try Again?

Why Do We Get Up Everyday, And Try Again?

Life Changing Advice From People You Should Know

Wouldn't it be great if you could get the advice you really needed, from people who had something important to say? Each of the 75 sections of Life Changing Advice From People You Should Know begins with a quote that can be applied to your life, followed by a profile of the person behind the quote.

Living Sanely In An Insane World

Would you like to be more productive, have more energy, less jealousy of others, a better, more focused plan with your life? Do you ever ask yourself: Why do I feel so tired? What's the point? What can I do to achieve my goals? Why doesn't the world make more sense? Why do such good things happen to bad people, while bad things happen to people like me? Living Sanely helps you get reenergized, and refocused on a productive, ethical way to deal with money, sex, marriage, parenthood, work, your body, and 30 other issues you face every day.

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