The Keeping Score Game

What Are You Really Worth?

Do you ever wonder how much money you would make if good was always rewarded, and evil punished, and everyone started from the same place? If there were no lucky breaks, but everyone was rewarded on merit? Play our game to find out what your income would be in a just world.

Who is it for?

This game is appropriate both for the self employed individual and for those that work for a company, with the idea that personal responsibility counts; if you are being paid by a large company, you will be judged to some degree by the way that company does business. There are no cop-outs in this game. You are responsible for the choices you have made, but we’ll make plenty of allowances for luck, the challenges of your background, and other factors beyond your control.


  • Answer the questions that seem to apply, skipping any that don’t apply to your particular situation.
  • If a question is not clear, just skip it and hit the “Not Clear” button.
  • Some questions are weighted more heavily than others, but, in general, if you make the best guess at each question, the results should be accurate.
  • At the end of each page, hit the button at the bottom and it will give you your current “adjusted” income, based on your previous answers, and take you to the next sections.

Time Required

Because this is a serious game, taking into account many different variables, there are 51 different questions spread over 5 sections. The whole game should take about 20-30 minutes.