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About Attitude Media

Attitude Media is a diverse collection of websites which attract people with very different points of view; some liberal, some conservative, some religious, some secular. What are readers have in common is:

  • A commitment to taking action to change their lives and the world. They are not passive spectators.
  • Attitude Media users are passionate; they may passionately disagree, but they care.
  • AM readers are intelligent, serious and substantial people; you’ll find many conflicting points of view here, but you won’t find celebrity news, horoscopes, lottery numbers, or any of the vast flotsam and jetsam you’ll find on other sites.

We don’t pretend to be objective; every Attitude Media website has a distinct point of view. The first Attitude Media site, PositivePress, was started by John F. Groom in 1996, and quickly was lauded by Reuters, USA TODAY, CNBC, CNN, and other major media. The Daily Outrage was started in 1997 and featured in Playboy and the Boston Globe, among many others. New sites have been added to the collection on a continual basis, including sites and tools only revealed with the launch of the new Attitude Media in 2015.

You may love some of our sites and despise others. But you’ll find our tools very useful for changing your life, and we promise we’ll never be boring.

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