One might think that in order to practice law, one might have to, at least at the most basic level, appear to obey the law. One would be very wrong.


Sergio Garcia, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, has been granted a license to practice law in California.


California and the legal profession have always been at the forefront of the movement to remove any vestige of sanity from American life, but this time they have exceeded the lowest possible expectations of human intelligence.


As CNN contributor Ruben Navarrette has asked “How is Garcia supposed to uphold ‘the laws of the United States’ when he is, by his mere presence in this country, in violation of federal law?”


And in what way will Mr. Garcia add to the welfare of his fellow Californians? By suing them of course! He plans to become a civil litigator – known more generally as “ambulance chaser”. As if we need to import more of those.

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