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We have worked with hundreds of creative professionals from all over the world. In late 2010, there were two active contractors working in New York, the media capitol of the world. But there were also US based contractors working for us in Wisconsin (web hosting and programming), Alaska (writing and research), Vermont (book production), Ohio (game design), and Los Angeles (PR), among others. We currently are developing a wiki based website with a contractor based in New Zealand and ebooks with a contractor from Canada now working in Scotland; ebook conversion is taking place in India and past international contractors have been based in China, Argentina, Canada, Ukraine, and elsewhere. We’re very loyal to reliable contractors, and have been working with the same web hosting firm since 1996, among many other long term relationships.

We search out contractors around the world based on project specific expertise and experience. We have well-defined job tasks and pay vendors very quickly upon task completion.

Here’s what a couple of our contractors have to say about working with Attitude Media:

  • "Some of my most fun and interesting work as a writer and researcher has been with John Groom of Attitude Media. John combines the skills of a veteran project manager with a clear vision of what he wishes to accomplish. He is flexible if new information suggests a revised course of action; he is fair and sympathetic; and he is always clear about communicating what he wants. Beyond this, John consistently proves sensitive to my needs as a worker and always pays on time!"
  • – Lisa Null, Null Editorial Services
  • "John Groom is one of the most reliable and trustworthy business owners I have worked with. He is consistently efficient in his work flow, pays for work upon completion, and treats contractors fairly. Perhaps more importantly however, is John’s ability to inspire the people around him with his passion for developing innovative ideas."
  • – Sean McVey, Rising Lynx Marketing Group

Contractor Requirements

If you’re interested in working with Attitude Media, here’s what we’re looking for in our contractor relationships:

  • In applicable cases (design, writing, research, programming, etc.), to respect copyright and other intellectual property laws. If contractors deliver work that is in violation of copyright, or not properly sourced, they forfeit any right to payment, or to work with us again.
  • To deliver work promptly according to agreements and to update us in the event of unavoidable scheduling delays.
  • To keep us updated as to work progress. This is especially important in long distance contracting relationships.
  • To sign and honor confidentiality agreements when dealing with confidential information, business plans, etc.
  • To accept payment via PayPal or equivalent electronic payment systems, which makes payment much faster and simpler.
  • If we were introduced on elance.com or some other intermediary, don’t offer to "cut them out" of the process and deal directly with us. They provide a service and should get paid. If you violate the terms of use with them, you won’t deal honestly with me either.
  • If you’re involved in marketing, don’t even think about using spam on our behalf, or any postings that could be interpreted as spam.

Think you’re right for us? Contact us for further details.

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