Real Work for Real Results

Attitude: Real Work For Real Results

Introduction to Health and Fitness

Hard Work, No Miracles

Exercise: feel better, look better, think better

The media world is awash with an almost infinite number of books, articles, magazines, and videos promising to tell you the secrets of losing weight, staying healthy, and/or getting in shape. What's truly amazing is that most people know the basics; they know that they should exercise more, and eat moderately. It's no secret that Doritos are junk and blueberries are good for you.

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows the many benefits of exercise in terms of health, appearance, and, most recently, brain functioning. One can argue about the "best" exercises, and we cover that below, but this is not the most important point; most people don't do regular exercise of any type because most exercise is hard work, boring, time consuming, has to be done consistently, and, most of all, requires considerable energy.

Real results, without miracles

There is no "easy" way to get, or stay, in shape. The simple truth is that if you aren't disciplined, you are not going to be in excellent shape. The older you are, the more true this is, as the aging process is one of natural deterioration. In the same way, if you don't have some degree of self-control, you won't be able to control your weight. We don't have any miracles to offer, but we provide many ways to make exercise and healthy living easier and more interesting. We view exercise much the way we view investing: you don't have to have a windfall; regular gains, reinvested over time, will eventually result in quite stunning wealth. In the same way, if you exercise consistently and intelligently, you can look and feel great well into your senior years.

While most drugs and pills are hoaxes, it is true that by using steroids or other drugs, as top bodybuilders and many professional athletes do, you can significantly enhance your appearance and performance. But the side effects are huge and dangerous. Also, we object to drugs in the same way we object to any quick-fix, or get rich quick scheme, such as the many sleazy ways people try to make money. So if your objective is to find a miracle, go elsewhere. At Attitude Media we believe in the value of careful thought, hard work, and slow steady progress. The game is just as much about the process as the result. We don't try to cheat other people, and we don't try to cheat nature.

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