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John McCain

"Fear is the opportunity for courage, not proof of cowardice."

- John McCain

(1936- ) United States Senator

Mary Kay Ash

"Aerodynamically a bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know that so it goes on flying anyway."

- Mary Kay Ash (1915 - 2001)

American Businesswoman, founder Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

(1869-1948) Indian Nationalist

Mother Teresa

"No matter who says what, you should accept it with a smile and do your own work."

- Mother Teresa (1910 - 1997)

Albanian Missionary


Turning Death into Life
When Heather Clark's 7 month old baby boy died she could have drowned in remorse and grief. But she immediately made the decision to donate her baby's organs, resulting in at least one saved child. If this video doesn't bring tears to your eyes, you're a tough one.
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Ordinary Woman Sets Extraordinary Record
At first glance Becca Pizzie does not seem like an extraordinary woman. She's a single mother who operates a day care and manages an ice cream shop. And, oh yeah, she just set a world record by running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. with a record setting run time averaging under 4 hours per marathon. In the mens' race, US Marines finished first and second.
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Happy Year of the Monkey!
The year of the monkey, which began in China on February 8th, is very auspicious for Positive Press readers, because its about all the things we already value: intelligence, enthusiasm, optimism, innovation, and self-assurance.
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Tips For Living Sanely - Exercise

We live in scary times: mad dictators with long range missiles, plunging stock markets, massive political corruption, the spreading Zika Virus, the list goes on. In the coming weeks we're going to bring you a series of tips for staying sane in an insane world. Here is the staying sane tip for this week:

Exercise: Will this solve the world's problems? No. But there is something about good, hard, physical work or exercise that purges not only the body, but also the mind. It takes your mind off problems you can't solve and helps you focus on something you can really control; your own heart rate for instance. And there is growing evidence that people are mentally sharper after exercise, and thus more able to solve the problems within your control. Exercise will also help you sleep better.

Many people know they should exercise, but have trouble sticking to a routine. The key is to make it a habit; do it at the same time every day, and look at exercise as part of your work schedule. You may not feel like going to work every day, but you do it because you need to make a living. If you value your health you need to make a regular workout part of your routine, whether you feel like it on any given day or not.

Even if you're so tired you can't do a full work out, drag yourself to the gym to do just what you can. A half mile is not a mile, but far better than nothing. 10 sets on the weights is not an optimal workout, but far better than nothing.

Do something.

"Read more at Attitude Media's Health section" or see our essay on exercise, "Real Work for Real Results"

What Does $12.3 Trillion Buy These Days?
We’ve all had a bad night.  One too many drinks, one comment we should have kept to ourselves about the way the blouse fit that girl. We’ve all been there.

Then you start spending money. Everyone needs a drink and your wallet is open!  Of course you need to tip the dancers.  Somehow, as the endless night goes on, you just keep taking money out, and in the morning it’s all gone. And what do you have to show for it?

It’s morning in America now, and throughout the world, and boy is there one big hangover.

In 2008, when the financial system was falling apart, governments didn’t really know what to do, so they just did everything! I mean, WTF, it’s not money that any politician or bureaucrat actually had to earn, and spending other peoples' money is always fun.

So, what does $12.3 trillion buy you, when you wake up the morning after and see what you have to show for that crazy night out?

Apparently, not much. Jeff Cox of CNBC did the math, and found that crazy spending by the US Fed and other Central Banks around the world has been, well, a complete failure, resulting in slow growth, distorted markets, and other unintended consequences.

Oh yeah, and when you have a crazy night out,  you feel kinda sick when you check your credit card bill.  Well governments are pretty much in the same place; none of the benefits actually materialized, but the huge debt from the spending binge? That’s very real.


Read the CNBC analysis here.


Roads in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Roads in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


At independence in 1960 – 70,000 miles of maintained roads

Today – less than 700

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