About Tax Payers

This is a site designed to help ordinary citizens follow the United States federal budget. As a taxpayer, you fund the budget – you should really know how your money is being spent.

This site is not about ideology – various contributors may favor or oppose individual government programs. It is about facts and numbers; where dollars are actually going. The US government and others provide excellent general information at a high level about government spending, but we’re going to go in much more detail. Think of this wiki as a treasure hunt; it’s our treasure, and we’re hunting to find out how it’s actually being used.

The federal government’s activities are almost infinitely varied and broad, so to begin this site we’re going to focus on only a single area of government spending; those expenses directly pertaining to the president’s household, security, transportation, and administration. This is a tiny portion of the federal budget, but its’ an important symbolic starting point. President Obama campaigned on the idea of transparency in government, and change. As citizens, we want to help the president achieve that goal.

In a democracy, accountability should include everyone – even the president.