Attitude Media’s Medici Patrons Program

Attitude Media’s Medici Patrons Program. Italy’s Medici family was famous for its support of the arts, helping such artists as Leonardo da Vinci, and being integral to the artistic flourishing that came to be known as the Renaissance. We need such a flourishing again as serious art and media is under duress by electronic piracy, weak intellectual property protections in countries such as China, and the intellectual and moral bankruptcy that has led to much of modern art. 


There is no lack of quantity in modern media or art; we are awash with trivia, superficial news and commentary, and the sort of ephemera facilitated by sites like Facebook and Twitter. But serious work needs serious help. The Medici program rewards buyers of more serious media for their purchases, which can then be redeemed in our store for a variety of different media products. Just as in the Renaissance, when artists often painted patrons into paintings, patrons will receive recognition and will have the option of being listed, in order of patronage, on the site.