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What is Scrapbook anyways?

Scrapbook is an exciting, completely free tool from Attitude Media that you can use to:

  • Scrapbook: Organize, record and share books, movies, music, art, and TV
  • Explore: Find out more about the media you already like and find new media
  • Puzzle: See how the media you’ve saved are related
Let’s take a look!

  • Scrapbook

    + If you’re on the Attitude Media site and click the “Save to scrapbook icon” it will save, and automatically organize, that piece of content to your scrapbook

    + You can click this link to save content from outside Attitude Media, and it will be organized right alongside the content from within Attitude Media. You only need to enter a couple pieces of information, but the more you enter, the more fun the results will be

  • Explore

    + Once an item is saved in your scrapbook, you can find out more about your favorite media, explore related media, have discussions on social media, find viewing information for TV, or buy it

  • Puzzle

    + Shows you how all the items in your scrapbook are related, both in terms of relationships our software can detect, and relationships you have noted. Uses fun graphics to display the relationships

Get started with your scrapbook today!