All Politicians Care About!

Congressman Wiener admits sending women pictures of his various body parts on the same day that 5 Americans die in Iraq and while America edges closer to defaulting on its massive debts.

IMF Chairman and French presidential candidate Dominique Strauss Kahn attempts to rape a hotel maid while the IMF tries to figure out how to bail out disintegrating Europe.

Former California governor Arnold Schwarznegger admits to fathering a child with housekeeper while California flirts with bankruptcy and cuts educational spending.

President Bill Clinton has affair with White House intern but misses opportunity to have Osama Bin Laden killed before 9.11 attacks.

John F. Kennedy has multiple on-going affairs, including with two young State Department employees nicknamed Frick and Frack. Fails to stop partitioning of Berlin by Communists, leading to cold war.

Nothing changes.

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