A System Which Should Not Have Been Saved

  • 1 · Goldman Employees Get Huge Pay While Doing More Harm Than Good
  • 2 · The Employees Take What Belongs To The Shareholders
  • 3 · The Firm Has Lost Its Way And Now Creates Little Or No Real Value
  • 4 · Trading Is A Zero Sum Game Which Does Not Create Value, But Can Create Great Profits, And Risks From Losses And Volatility Are Shifted To Clients And Taxpayers
  • 5 · When Goldman Makes A Bad Trade, Washington Bails It Out At Taxpayer Expense
  • 6 · Goldman Makes Money Even When Its Clients Lose
  • 7 · Goldman Is Often More Wrong Than Evil
  • 8 · Goldman Makes Money As An Agent Of Deception
  • 9 · In Return For Political Favors, Goldman Does Favors For Important Politicians
  • 10 · Why Does Goldman Get Such Good Treatment From The Government? Partly Because It Is The Government
  • 11 · Sometimes Goldman Makes Money The Old Fashioned Way – Insider Trading
  • 12 · Mergers And Acquisitions Are More Likely To Destroy Than To Create Value
  • 13 · Sometimes Goldman Simply Doesn’t Follow The Rules
  • 14 · There Are Intelligent, Business Savvy People That Think The Problem Is Even Broader, And That Goldman Is Part Of A Criminal Industry
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