Companies, especially today's layered, multinational media companies, don't like internal debates of this sort. Executives become emtional. Worse yet,philsophical.Terrible words come into play, like uplifting. The hierarchs sitting atop giant companinies are more comfortable with terms like market share and cross-promotion. They covet numbers, not nuance." as Hollyword tries to figure out how to react to the 9.11 events. As an executive at a major stuido said, "We're a big company and we need mainstream pictures", 'and that translates into action and violence.' But the filmmakers and writers were more effected, and looking for change. As one director said "The events of September 11 made my realize how trivial my work has been. I guess it's time to grow up. I don't know how I'm going to do it or whether the market will support it, but that's what I must do."

— Peter Bart  

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