The Winter games finished sour and ugly, with everything under protest, and just about every kind of modern social ill on parade. There were death threats, computer crimes, defensive and chilling nationalism, and doping....they were an extraordinarily contentious event, hardly a non-political exercise in world peace. And in the end they were an anti-American binge. (Sally Jenkins) The result was a flurry of nationalistic posturing, finger pointing and distrust rarely seen at the Olympic Games since the end of the Cold War. (Amy Shipley) These were all reactions to controversy over pairs skating, where the French judge admitted to improprities, and the Canadian team were awarded a dual Gold, the disqualification of a South Korean speek skater, and the awarding of the gold in that event to an American, the disquailification of two cross country skiers, one Russian and one Spanish, for doping, and the threatened pull out of the Russian delegation over what they saw as biased rulings.

— Sally Jenkins  

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