Obama Wants Massive Gas Tax!

Obama proposes 33% tax on gas!

If Obama gets his way, you’ll be paying a lot more at the pump.

Obama has proposed a $10 per barrel tax to develop alternative energy, but in reality to create a giant slush fund to be used to subsidize billionaires like Elon Musk.  The Tesla founder  is worth over $13 billion, and yet his companies receive federal energy related subsidies of over $5 billion for electric car maker Tesla, space exploration maker Space X and other ventures according to data compiled by the Los Angeles Times.

Obama touts his massive tax as a way of getting the US less dependent on the big bad oil companies, but it’s really a way of rewarding political supporters.  State and local taxes already add about 30 cents a gallon to the cost of gas at the pump.  And of course, this is a completely regressive tax, affecting the poor who spend a much greater proportion of their income on gas than Obama’s billionaire friends and supporters like Musk, Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Sheryl Sandberg.

Of course, if Obama really cared about energy depletion, he wouldn’t fly his entourage of presidential aircraft across the world on a continuous steam of junkets, vacations, and family outings. But of course neihter Obama, nor his rich friends, have any intention of curtailing their lifestyles at all. As usual, it’s really about pretending to help the middle class while sticking it to them, this time in the form of massive gas taxes.

So, little man, make sure your book licking skills are honed, because this giant slush fund will help create a whole new slew of overlords who can’t create profitable companies, but know a lot about which DC lobbyist to hire.

If you’re wondering how good your sucking up skills need to be, we would note that Musk, the king of alternative energy subsidies, recently canceled a Telsa order because one of his customers made a complaint. How dare that commoner complain to the Lord of Subsidy! 

Everyone on their knees before Obama! On your knees before those he throws billions to!

Or maybe just get on your knees and pray you can still afford gas after Obama ‘s great slush fund becomes law.


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