How Tough is the NFL? Not so much

When you think of the National Football League you think of tough men throwing their bodies at each other, regardless of harm, right? In the old days, yeah. But now? Not so much. New rules in the NFL mean that players no longer have 2-a day practices, which used to be routine even in high school football.  So one practice a day before the season, and only 14 practices in pads once the season starts; less than one contact practice per week during the season.  46 players dress for each game, but only 11 are on the field for any portion of the 60 minute game. So players are, on average, on the field for not more than 15 minutes per game.  And only a few players will have substantial contact on any given play.  And very little contact between games. And none in the off-season. 

So go ahead and watch those highlights of vicious hits from NFL films, and pretend there is still some tough guy segment of the population. But these tough guys spend more time on the phone with their agent working on endorsement deals than they do on the field actually getting hit by anyone. 

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