Right Now Something Amazing Is Happening

Right now, at this very moment, just like on any other day, there are amazing things happening, both for better and for worse. Right now, someone in the world is in absolute ecstasy, having just found out that their marriage proposal has been accepted, or that they are pregnant, or that the business deal they have slaved away on for years has finally born fruit. Right now, somewhere in the world, probably within miles of wherever you are, someone has just adopted a kitten or a puppy. Right now, someone is being told that their cancer is not malignant.

Right now, at this very moment, someone is on the very brink of despair as they enter a jail cell for the first time. Someone has just discovered that they have cancer, or that a loved one has been seriously injured in a car crash. Right now, somewhere, someone has the sinking feeling that there is no recovery from the worst decision they have ever made.

In the last edition of the Living Sanely newsletter, we wrote about avoiding information that would not help you make better decisions. Sometimes you just need to turn off the news to feel better. But you can also turn your attention to the most positive stories. Attitude Media publishes a Positive News email. This morning that email featured two stories. The first was about a 41 year old man going out for his regular afternoon jog who happened to hear a terrible scream. He responded, saving a 15 year old girl from an abductor, and possibly saving her life.

The second story we featured was about advances in medical technology that made it possible for a man to live, and completely recover, after going 96 minutes without a pulse, thanks to the intervention of complete strangers.

The media is inundated with stories of tragedy; you’ll feel much better, and saner, if you take a few minutes to focus on some of the genuinely amazing good news.

You can find these inspiring stories and others at Positive News.

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