Avoiding Information

Modern Society seems to be based on the idea that the more information, the better; hence the constant flow of news. But you don’t need more information; you need better quality information. Or perhaps even less information.

Have you ever flicked around the evening news; it’s all the same “news” presented in almost identical ways. But ask yourself how much of it will change what you actually do. News about the weather may change what you wear. Some political news may change who you vote for. Business news will influence your investment decisions. But the vast majority of news won’t really provide anything but entertainment.

Test yourself for a day or two. As you watch the news on TV, or read it online, or read the newspaper, after each story ask yourself whether what you have just read, seen, or heard will change what you do. Or ask yourself the next day how many stories from the previous day you remember.

For most people, most information serves as a constant sort of white noise, a fog that obscures the real issues in their life; for them, information is more about diversion and entertainment. There’s nothing inherently wrong with entertainment, but you should recognize it for what it is. If you find yourself getting upset over news stories around the world, it may be time to look away. You can’t change the world, but you can change your world. Focus on the information that will translate into action to change your own world.

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