As we approach fall, your thoughts might be turning to sending your kids to school. Any white kids going to be there? Probably not.

What percentage of students in the New York City public school system would you guess are white? How about in L.A. or Chicago? The numbers are 15% for New York, 10% for L.A., and less than 10% for Chicago. In Detroit less than 4% of public school students are white. Also less than 4% in New Orleans.
In the nation’s capitol? 4.5%. Even in Boston – not an area normally associated with overwhelming racial diversity – less than 15% of public school students are white.

Remember hearing that, one day in the future, white people would be a minority in the United States? If you look at the public schools, you’ll see that day is already here. Visit this site to see all the numbers.

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0 thoughts on “NO WHITEYS AT SCHOOL!

  1. Gee, what a surprise. Why why would we send our kids to public school and have their education compromised. If Tyrone and Jose can’t read in the 8th grade, I don’t want their stupidity anywhere near my kids.

  2. Hey, now that’s the outrage I remember! Toss in some race stuff. That was the best back then. Sarcasm, satire, racism and humor all rolled into one package!

  3. Race doesn’t matter, as long as the kids are American, or want to be Americans. What we cannot afford as a nation is to have insular foreign communities who carry values inconsistent with the larger society (such as wanting Sharia law to apply to their culture, rather than common civil law).

  4. “Even in Boston – not an area normally associated
    with overwhelming racial diversity – less than 15% of public school students
    are white.”

    Where’s the contradiction? Diverse != Non-White (or is it?)

  5. If kids cannot speak English, they should not be allowed in a “main stream” public school classroom. Teachers should be able to focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic – not English as a second language. I’m fed up with the immigrant situation in America! Either MELT IN or GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM! PS: We spend a lot of money sending our kids to PRIVATE school where parents are actually allowed to be PARENTS!

  6. The examples you have picked are urban areas with high concentrations of African-Americans. There are plenty of places where Blacks are rare in the school system. Try most of the rural areas of Minnesota, for instance, or Brentwood or Antioch, California. When you go into a pine forest and count the trees present, would you be surprised to find that most of the trees are pines ? Incidentally, has it occurred to you that Blacks are Americans, too ?

  7. this is an example of the old saying”iff you don’t learn from history it will eventually repeat itt’s selfthe white man is in danger of extinction in the U S A

  8. similar data could apply 2 england , colour is not the issue, ideologies r what counts, diversity is a good thing as is equality etc but i do feel there is a need 4 integration and respect for where u reside

  9. Who really cares. Let our cities fall into worse chaos. Let inner city schools turn to sh**. The rest of the nation will do well without them.

  10. Black race. White race. Um…how about Human race? I do believe we are each still members of that race – although I can see the dwindling humanity in it just by the recently posted Outrage.

    The children are as smart as their parents allow – and assist – them to be, color bedamned.

    Just had to throw in my $0.02, for this one.

  11. From a non US point of view.
    I see this as meaning that the white parent are usually richer, and won’t send their kids to public schools.

    The interesting thing is that some of the white kids still turn out to be the dumbest kids in town, despite their ‘advantages’

    In my kids school, my white son is being persecuted as a racist because he won’t send Chistmas cards to moslems. So much for trying respect!

  12. dude that is a bunch of crap because there is way to many other racis trying to take over the us. you dont see us white people trying to invade their country. why do you think that violence in schools are so high? if it was just an all white school it would not be nearly as high as it is now!!! it is all of the other racis that are making it that way:like blacks,and asians they are the worst.well anyways i dont think that we would ever be the same so i guess that we just have to but up with their crap. and when i have my kid and he is old enough to go to school he is going to be home schooled. because i am for damed shure he aint going to be bulled or to be bulled into being in a gang.

  13. I thought fat kids were taking over the school population. A race of fat people, think of the extra cost to the scholls, we’ll need to make wider chairs, wider doorways and stairways,
    wider buses for wider seats and wider aisles, which means wider traffic lanes. Wider lanes will mean wider bridges. We’re going to have
    to update the whole countries infastr…infostr…inferstra…..roadway system. Even the auto industry will be effected. They’ll have to increase the length of seat belts. It’s going to be tough, expensive, and sweating
    but there’s no way to duck it. The fat race is here and here to stay. We’ll just have to adjust.

    Porky for president.

  14. This is soooo stupid! whats all this talkabout white and blacks going to public schools! We are all 1. no matter what colour or race we are! we are all human. whites are not better or richer than blacks. i’m sure there are heaps of diadvantaged whites around america. Now i’m a half cast. my mum is white and my dad is back. i say that i’m an afrcan american, and i’m so proud of my race!

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