In 1979 20 year-old Louis Brooks was sentenced to a Florida state prison for house breaking and burglary. He was released in 1982.

In 1985 Brooks, now 26, was sentenced to 15 years for sexual battery and making a threat with a deadly weapon. He served six years and was released in 1991.

In 1992 he broke into the home of a 68 year-old woman and raped her. Once again he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Once again, he only served six years. He was released this year after his sentence was shortened for “good behavior.”

A few days ago, four months after being released from prison for the 3rd time, Louis Brooks broke into the house of the same woman he had raped in 1992 and raped her again. The 75-year-old woman woke up in the middle of the night to find Brooks standing over her bed, brandishing a butcher knife. He threatened to kill her for putting him in prison. Then he raped her on the floor of her dining room. The elderly woman was injured in the attack and lay on the dining room floor for 20 minutes before going to a neighbor’s house to seek help.

They say that many women don’t report rapes. Is that any surprise, when the rapists are free to return and attack again?

Florida Department of Corrections spokeswoman Frances Marine: “No one can really say if any of this could have been prevented.” Really? A man who has served 3 sentences and been convicted twice of rape – no way of keeping him in prison?

If a 33 year-old man breaks into the home of a 68-year-old woman and rapes her, he should die. Given that sort of justice, we’re pretty sure he wouldn’t do it again.

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0 thoughts on “THIS MAN SHOULD DIE!

  1. This animal should be executed before he kills or injures anyone else. And the so-called civil servants who turned this animal loose, multiple times, should be personally liable to his victims.

  2. Death would be too easy a punishment. I say, first castrate him with a rusty hedge trimmer, then break his spinal cord, thus paralyzing him from the neck down, and leave him on a street corner to die a slow, agonizing death. Also, televise the process on pay-per-view and donate the proceeds to his two-time victim

  3. I think everyone deswrves the benefit of the doubt the FIRST time. First time offenders should get a stiff (no pun intended) sentence and psychiatric treatment, chemical castration. If they repeat it should be life with no parole and surgical castration. Maybe a sex change and turn em loose on the male prison population?

  4. What a great idea! Let’s kill
    the guy so he doesn’t commit
    another crime! But why stop
    with people who have already
    committed crimes? Let’s kill
    anyone who seems mentally
    unstable, poor & desperate,
    or is a man, since all men
    could potentially rape a
    68-year old woman.
    There’s no question that
    Brooks is sick, and
    he should not have been let
    out, but that’s not a reason
    to kill him. If criminals are
    just getting more violent
    after they’ve been in prison,
    we need to reform the prison,
    not kill its failed
    Besides, what happens if we
    find out that he was innocent
    after we kill him? Do we
    apologize to his grave?

  5. Stanley Kubrick’s worst nightmares don’t compare to what should befall this reprobate. Don’t execute him; lock him up for life and give him a good swift kick or two in the b@lls <b>every</B> day.

  6. Louis Brooks should die. He should not have had a second chance. If he had raped a member of my family I’d be in jail and he would be in a box.

  7. who are the morons who keep releasing these psycopaths back into society?!! This guy deserves to rot in the deepest corner of prison. But, the parole board members etc. who let him go again and again should join him in his cell. Then they might know what it feels like to be stalked.

  8. I believe these things happen mostly because of the
    “Bleeding heart liberal” courts and the parole boards.
    I think it is about time to stop this kind of crime. I also believe
    this kind of rape is deserving of the death penalty.

  9. Any man who commits rape should never ever be let out again..Why are the good people all locked up in their homes and the killers, drug dealers, and rapists are walking around the streets.. There is something majorly wrong with the justice system and America is going to have to start fighting back to protect the innocent.. When children are molested, I think they deserve death…

  10. After reading Mr. Hays’ poor excuse for this criminal I believe Mr. Hays should adopt this man for one year.
    Let him live with his family and friends, if after one year he does not rape any of Mr. Hays’ relatives or friends then we release him into the streets.

  11. The Bible has it right. Rape
    deserves execution. It must be
    clear conviction, not circumstantial
    evidence. And the punishment
    must be quick, not years of appeals

  12. Eventually, armageddon will be over us. This case exactly proves what is wrong with todays prosecution of criminals. Noone has any respect anymore. Bad genes are allowed to breed. Stop this now.
    Prosecute AS HARD as possible. Reinstate Death Penalty everywhere.

  13. How can we keep scumbags like this in prison when hundreds of thousands of poor immigrants and simple drug offenders live there. Its time to reform not only the prisons, but the laws that keep people from getting the help they need to live productive and fulfilling lives. The prison system wants these poor people because they can make money off them. They can’t make money off the real trash like Brooks so they release them back into society as a way of causing us to create more stupid laws that hurt the homeless and stupid. Kneejerk reactions are seldom intelligent (neither are the lawmakers).

  14. Study after study has proven that sex offenders have the
    highest rate of recidivism. Don’t the professionals in Florida
    read these materials? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to
    figure out that this guy is a repeat offender who is going to
    continue to prey on the community until he is taken out of
    circulation permanently.

  15. This is the punishment I would recomend if someone I know and love was raped:
    I would take the rapist into an old shed, nail his penis to the floor, give him a nice, rusty, serrated knife and then set the shed on fire. Let him take matters into his own hands. I know this would seem cruel and someone is going to tell me that I am sick, but think if that was your sister, mother or grandmother. Enough said!

  16. Absolutely NOT! Once is one time too often. Space is a precious commodity around here and who wants to share it with a genetic throw back like that? If he wants to be a rapist then he should be aware that there are occupational hazards. Get rid of him!

  17. Unbelieveable, isn’t it? This keeps happening over and over. We have a very messed up legal system and unfortunately it’s going to take a long time to change it! We’ve got to keep writing our lawmakers (frustrating, I know) to demand the death penalty for Louis Brooks and ALL rapists, murderers and other deserving creeps in our society!

  18. I’ve been in a wheelchair from a hit & run event. This occured 7-14-88. They caught the BITCH & only gave her a 2 year sentence! I was incredulous. B/c it was her first offence, she only served 6 mo. of it.
    I’ve been to $1000/day places to enable me to walk again. I’d to move from Georgia-Ohio
    & can’t take the ice-cold winters here.

  19. Louis Brooks should be castrated without benefit of anathesia and spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. I also believe the poor woman whom he attacked twice should have the option of suing everyone involved with the release of this animal. Until we start hitting the judges, parole boards, etc. where it hurts, the pocket book, these animals will continue to prowl the streets victimizing innocent people.

  20. AT THE VERY LEAST, those in the legal system responsible for continuously releasing prederators to prey on society should fall under greater scrutiny — perhaps they would be more responsible were their jobs at risk as human life and suffering seems to offer little incentive.

  21. It’s pretty sad to think we allow criminals with violent tendencies to roam our streets. The prison system is not working at all, but why should it, we pamper prisoners, we can’t be inhumane. They have nice exersize yards, and well equiped libraries, better then a lot of our schools. They have time to socialize and get new, more cleaver ideas for commiting crimes. The world is their playground, and we become the victims. I believe it’s time we place these hardened criminals in a dark dungeon type cell and let them rot. No TV, No Radio, No socializing, No fresh air, No big expense to the tax payers, No appeals, just a hole in the wall and food once a day. Maybe that would be a reason not to commit a crime.

  22. Well, if you make cigarettes and someone dies from cancer, you end up being liable.
    If you manufacture guns and someone misuses them, you will soon be held liable.
    If you run a bar and someone gets drunk, drives, and kills someone, you are held liable.
    If you are a parole officer, and you let someone out early, and they commit the same crime,
    you should be held liable. Duh! It only makes sense.

    If the parole people were accountable, they might think twice.

    I also don’t think throwing around the death penalty is gonna do much good.
    Its not used enough, and it doesn’t deter. What would deter would be “hard time”
    as in balls and chains, cleaning the highways and digging ditches, working a
    dozen hours a day, for the rest of you life in prison. No parole, no pardons, just
    plain old jail time until you die of old age. No contact with the press. No phone calls,
    no conjugal visits, no way to ever have a freedom again. If you have to, stick em
    in a hole in the ground and feed em bread and water.

    How about bringing back the public stocks?? Set em up downtown and let
    everyone see them in chains. Maybe an occasional passerbye could spit on them
    and let them know how we feel?? Yea, I like that one a lot.

    My generation was afraid of commiting crimes because jail was a horrible place.
    Today, its a damn country club. Put em in there, and leave em in there!


  23. They could have called Mrs. L. Bobbett. Then he should have been given hard labor with no chance of patrol.
    Unless, of course, he had been given the death penalty.

  24. I wouldn’t go so far as to kill him for rape but I believe cutting off his penis and balls would be adequate punishment for any convicted rapist. It should prevent any further sexual exploitation I would think. You know the old eye for an eye law… he took someone elses sexual organ therefore the state should respond and take his permanently!

  25. the parole board should have to serve out the remainder of the sentence after the “good behavior” time is added back on immediately after they watch this creep fry in florida’s flaming electric chair.

  26. RE: THIS MAN SHOULD DIE! The guy is a living argument for the validity of “Three-time loser/Three strikes and you’re out” statutes (get convicted of three violent felonies, and spend life in prison without parole). Forgive me, but WHAT A SCUMBAG! But worse than him are the people who will cry for him once he’s put where he belongs.

  27. This man should be put in prison for Life and without any Parole!!! Perhaps in the
    worst HOLE and DEEPEST Hole
    there is. That stupid woman’s
    comment was an expected part of the Liberal Agenda!!!!

  28. I think if the person has done to them what they did, it would prevent it from happening again… in this case, the man should be sodomized!

  29. Give him the chair! In particular, the rickety ol’ Sparky
    that was recently retired for causing smoke to rise from
    the heads of the criminals being zapped!!

  30. This person should be castrated. If that would have been my mom I would have killed him and worried about the consequences later. After all they don’t seem to be much

  31. This happened to the dayghter of a friend of mine too. A man raped and mrudered an elderly woman in Kansas and served seven years. When he was released, he started college and soon after raped and mutilated and killed the 19 year old daughter of my friend.

    What does it take to get these men locked up for the rest of their lives? Put women on the jury!

  32. He should never again have the chance to choose between right and wrong. He has shown what he will do. Castrate him and leave him in prison for the rest of his life.

  33. The problem with this guy is the problem with society. He does not care about what happens to him so it does not matter what he does. He is worthless alive or dead. He has a death wish Let’s give him his wish. Fire up old Sparky ! It should be pay per view and the victims get the profits.

  34. For petes sake, when people like this are simply re-released its a disgrace to justice and a kick in the head for those of us living an honest life – Corporal punnishment should be administered throughout the world for such crimes, we do not need nor want these cowardly villians walking the same streets. Not to mention the money spent on these low life scum to stay alive, be defended and hell… sometimes get off! Cut our losses and kill the bstards!


  35. First, I think the Parole Board should be held accountable for the criminals they release from prison.
    I also feel the prisons have too many people in them that have NOT committed violent crimes (but they have committed crimes) and they sit there while the prison releases a violent offender to make room for them. I am talking about crimes such as forgery, theft of money from companies ,etc.. These folks should serve society out of jail by serving the communities.
    It seems to me a person who commits a crime against property serves more time than if he or she molested a child.
    As far as this Louis Brooks guy goes…if there is no question of guilt they should castrate him.

  36. The 33 yr old man who raped a 68 yr old woman, the came back and raped her again 6 yrs later should be castrated! And I dont mean by surgery. I think we should give the woman he raped a dull butter knife and let her do it! Then maybe he’d know about pain.

    I also think he should be sitting in jail where he belongs. Hes a violent offender. Lets reform our prision system or whatever we need to and keep these people in jail stamping out liscense plates.

  37. I got to reading the comments and I came up witha few ideas..

    First..anyone ever read the Green Mile? Well the last excecution they do in ol’ Sparky they don’t use the water or the cap, and they guy fries for about 10 mins and is still NOT dead. Lets do that.. then afterwards.. take him down to the basment of a prision, and lets get some guys to RAPE HIM.

    Then, if hes still not dead.. i say hang him.

  38. Personally, I like the methods employed by Moslem countries
    to deal with rapists (death). Comsequently, rape is virtually unheard
    of there, and there certainly isn’t a problem with repeat offenders!

  39. Not only should he die, but he should suffer a slow and painful death. Texas has the 3 strikes your out law, and it is a definite deterrant. Not only does Texas lock them up for life, but it ain’t no picnic while they are inside.

    Anyone who voices an anti death penalty, has NOT met one of the following criteria.
    1. A victim of a violent crime.
    2. Had a family member suffer as a victim of a violent crime.
    3. Ain’t got enough internal fortitude to voice his/her opinion.
    As a Correctional Officer (we despise the term “guard”, this term is used by people who watch too much television, or watch too many movies.) I have been exposed to human atrocities committed on other officers, or inmates, that are unbelievable. An inmate in a secure facility, has absolutely no concept of human life, human suffering, or compassion.

    I do not have an answer for the over crowding of the U.S. Prisons, other than, remove the niceties given to inmates on a daily basis. Make Capital Punishment as common as Corporal Punishment, and make Corporal Punishment and everyday occurrence.

    I can not imagine the horror, the stripping of dignity, or the embarrassment of being raped, no man can, but if it is as half as horrific as I imagine, then death is the only recourse.

  40. Louis Brooks should still be cooling his rocks from his first sentence of 15 years, not to mention clearing his SECOND fifteen.

    This brings two points – truth in sentencing and hard time for violent crimes. Fifteen year sentences are no threat if the felon knows he’ll do a small fraction. Too many non-violent criminals are taking up space needed for violent offenders who need to be locked up for the duration of their sentence.

    Violent rape? Nuke the spawn of a lizard after having the biggest, smelliest, nastiest lifers have their way with him first.

  41. HE should die, die, die. If the United States is too chicken, let them give me a gun, I would have no problem doing it for them if it would protect the elderly, and the law-abiding!

  42. This guy oughtta die! Preferably after being gang-raped himself. By the meanest, most sadistic “individuals” [the computer refused to accept the term I had there initially] the “justice” system can find.

  43. I think that disgusting example of a human being should be put in jail where all the men can repeatedly rape him, he deserves it after what hes donem, and i am appauled at how florida says they couldnt say if it could have been prevented…..huh! i bet hes payin gthen to let him out, i agree, that man deserves to die!!


  45. castration…no questions asked..since it’s a crime largely against females, it’s not considered much of a crime..after all ,we can just get over it…until men are raped by gays on a regular basislike the boy from Arkansas, there will be no outrage except from sensitive people such as you…

  46. He should be sentence to death. I am not sure that I would favor a death penalty in many cases, but these kind of things can not continue.

  47. Ideally, the first time this guy broke into the person’s house for the burglary, the people who lived there should have had a gun and killed him then. Or, same thing for the first time he attacked this 68-year-old lady. Then we would not be having this conversation.

  48. I don’t believe in capital punishment, but in this case I’m willing to lean a little. If a person is convicted of rape multiple times then that person should get the death penalty, especially if that person rapes and/or attacks the elderly or otherwise defenseless people. There is no excuse for allowing such an individual to walk the streets free to attack again.

  49. Yeah, he should DIE notonly for raping, but for being that stupid and not learning anything from previous convictions. This guy has to be prevented to pass on any of his genes.

  50. I would have to agree with the fact that this man should die. But then agian can we blame the man himself? Shouldn’t we look further into the situation? I think that not only should he have been sentenced life in jail, but that the people responsible for this man’s acts should be those responsible for setting him free. He should never have been let out in the first place.

  51. I think the guy should have to nail his own penis to a pole. and then give him a knife
    and tell him to cut it off if it hurts …..If he doesn’t cut it off, he should be forced to
    drive another nail through it….and ask him again if he would care to cut it off….if not,
    Then offer to cut the testicles off for him…., and ask the poor fellow if he feels like
    he has paid his dues….I think he would slowly bleed to death before he would cut off
    the very thing that had caused other people so much pain..
    .and that is the undeniable fact, that the man is a sexual predator…. and there is no
    help for these type of people,They always have, and always will be …”sexual Predators”

  52. Life imprisonment without parol. Prisoner must work to earn food, cigaretts, etc. with 90% of his earnings at hard labor going to his victims, 5% to the state and 5% to the Prisoner.

    What shold have been done first imprisonmet was:
    1. Prisoner pay victim 80%, state 12% and he would keep 8%.
    2. Each month he would write the drafts from his pay for hard labor he worked that month along with an original paper on the crime comittedand a letter concerning his offence to the victim. If he failed to comply with any portion he would forefit the right to work or purchase anything with his discretionary money.
    3. Only the victim would have the right to grant a parole

  53. To Derek Hays: Pull yourself together, boy! Where did you read that ANYONE in the outrage suggested killing mentally unstable people or others who have not YET committed a crime? Why speak in that nonsensical hyperbole? Its rediculous. All that was suggested was that if this criminal’s life was ended (he has had many chances) he would not be able to commit anymore crimes. What if the woman had been your grandmother? What if he raped your little daughter, sister, wife? Would you feel so sorry for the poor cwiminal who went to the big bad pwison. Personally, I don’t have any interest in spending more tax dollars on the lockups. If we are going to spend more tax money, lets spend it helping out the victims and their families. Possibly paying for counseling to help victims and families get past the awful deeds perpetrated on them. There are plenty of criminals who get out of prison and never commit another crime. Know why? They WANT to fly straight and make a life for themselves. There are also plenty of repeat offenders. Know why? Because they want to keep offending and have no interest in reform or learning how to make a life for themselves by hard work and character like many of the rest of us do. Wake up Derek!

  54. This ‘man’ should be put to death ASAP!! Nearest sturdy rope and tree..string him up, hang him high..and that would be giving him mercy. I do not believe that castration would prevent this scum (or others like him) from raping,destroying lives, etc. He would just find other means to do it. Most know that rape is an act of extreme violence in itself.
    I, personally, do not wish/condone spending thousands and thousands of tax dollars to keep this animal in a prison, well fed, a roof over his head, all the medical and dental treatment he needs, supply him entertainment with TV’s, gyms, etc. Makes me sick!!
    He and others like him deserve death..ASAP.
    BTW..I agree with the person that wrote in that Mr. Hayes should have to adopt and be stuck with this psycho. Bleeding hearts like him keep this country a literal playground for predators/beasts. It is an OUTRAGE!!

  55. this creature deserves the death penalty for sure. I think old sparky should be allowed to take out the trash in this instance.

  56. If this “man” were put to death there would not be any more problems from him. That would also be a great deterrent for his fellow criminals to straighten their acts out.

  57. Hey should be stoned to death in the womans town square and then castorated! If that doesn’t kill him, send him to MY HOUSE!

  58. I think everyone here is misled….*S*,…It is not the sexual act itself
    that these people are thinking of….It is the act of “CONTROL”…they
    will do anything in thier power to control other people…let it be an
    elderly woman…or a young child….castration alone will NOT stop them,
    these offenders come back after castration, to maime, sexually violate
    with other means…(think about it) and will even KILL people just to
    to feel that he is controlling another human being!!!
    …..this person is beyond help……

  59. Fire up “ole sparky” one more time and strap this guy in!!

    I’m sure this piece of trash, posing as a human being, was released because of the so-called “prison overcrowding” that tries to justify releasing dangerous criminals back into society – if, that is, the taxpayers don’t cough up some more dough to build even more prisons. The fact is that there are many inmates in prison who are incarcerated for non-violent offenses, such as white collar crimes, tax evasion, even accumulated traffic tickets. If these criminals were made to perform community service or work toward restitution, then there would be plenty of room in the prisons we now have to house violent criminals who sould serve their full sentence.
    This animal should never be released again. And, while I think that the “Three Strike Law” that California now has can be misused, if that felon would be looking at life in prison with no possibility of parole. I would also put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the parole board. They should be held responsible when they release a vicious animal back into the community. If this guy had been a dog, he’d have been euthanized by now.

  60. Kill him? No way. Castrate him and remove his eyes. Let him live with some of the misery he has created. Safe to say, his chances of raping again will be greatly diminished.

  61. I think he should have to sleep with Bill Clinton. After all Clinton has done worse and he still gets good polls.

  62. Revenge does no good. We have better things to do and spend money then keeping someone in prison for life.
    Victims need to get on with their life. Put this trash behind them.

  63. The sentence should be for this scum to be left in a room alone with the victim’s family. Arm the family with whatever weapons and means of torture they like. This should be a standard punishment for rape.
    If there are any pieces of the criminal left after the family is finished with him, the pieces should be burned in public to show other potential rapists what the consequences of their actions are.

  64. The parole boards and any of the folks associated with his release should suffer a signifigant emotional experience – I’ll let your imagination decide what!

  65. Absolutely ,,,Die!!! unless We can find a way to
    sentence him to eternal labor with no parole
    But death seems to stop most repetition

  66. Based on the events stated I believe that this individual has forfited his right to remain in our society and should be put to death or sentenced to life w/o parole.

  67. Throw away the key! Should never again live as a free man.
    Every woman in this country should be required to carry a gun to protect herself from the animals.

  68. If you think death for Louis Brooks is better for society than life imprisonment then you are not Buddhist.

  69. This Scum is a good candidate for Public Execution. Yes that’s what this country needs. And put it on Pay-TV and let the money generated go towards helping the victims of these worthless peices of dog excrement!

  70. Sometimes psycologists need humans for experiments that may seem cruel and unethical…like using a living patient brain for chemical testing. (i.e. what happens when we cut here…) Anyone convicted of a violent crime should be automatically given to these researchers. Said research should be televised so that criminals know the consequnces of thier actions.

  71. look at prisons now a days! they are bloody hiltons’! no, no, this man should be castrated a little at a time, then turned over to the loved ones of this poor women…i think a nice slow painful death would serve very well.

  72. I laugh at all u fools. You are sheep among wolves. I think if u allow yourself to be raped, u deserve what you get. Also, u probably want it anyway, somewhere in those weak minds, deep down, in places u wont admit that u have…..u want it. So shut the hell up!!!

  73. You all talk soooo tough, but what are any of you doing about solving the problem? Bitching and complaining. If you feel he should die then go out and kill him. Be a martyr in the name of justice. But please stop whining about it. Remember: talk is cheap.

  74. The only solution to this problem is for women to gather together in-groups, buy property, build forts, post guards and concentrate on protecting their young. Teach them martial arts and any form of self-protection needed. The fathers would live separate from the women and the children. The women and children would live together in one building to prevent any sexual abuse that might be tried from within this circle. Men would be permitted to visit their children within the community; they would have conjugal rights with their wives within the compound and then return to the outside world. Sense. Suspected pedophiles would have no admittance and therefore no way of acquiring a victim.
    We could learn a lot about our own nature from studying animals and one of these things is how to protect our young. Herd animals only come together during breeding time, the rest of the time the matriarch of the herd leads the females and their young away from the males. There is wisdom in this sense the pumped up testosterone of the male leads to sexual exploitation as well as to hostile behavior. The natural climax to this mixture is the sexual domination and exploitation of the desired target, which of course is the female of any age and in cases where the target is not so available, the young male.

  75. A couple of points to make, even though the story seems to be accurate:

    1. I generally agree that our court and prison systems are a failure. I especially liked to hear what the Corrections Officer had to say about this. We lock up too many people whose only crimes are against themselves: drugs, prostitution, gambling, and other victimless crimes come to mind. If we could find and elect some politicians to de-criminalize some of the things that Puritans don’t approve of, we could maintain prison space for those who need it, like Louis Brooks (for his earlier crimes, to start with).

    2. I don’t believe in the death penalty. We apply it wrong too often. (Once is too often when I am forced to join with others in pulling the switch. I would gladly kill a man who I caught doing this to anyone I know, but I wasn’t there and I didn’t see it.) However, a crime like this certainly merits life in prison without possibility of parole, and in a lonely hole, no doubt.

    3. He hasn’t even been tried for the latest ‘alleged’ offense. Let’s not hang him *quite* yet. I know that a lot of you would like to give him a fair trial–and then hang him. The rest, apparently, just want to hang him, or worse.

    4. Has anyone thought that it’s just possible that the woman–or the police–have another agenda? Lord knows, the police never lie or make mistakes, do they? I don’t accept stories like this at face value without a trial. You shouldn’t, either. There is a reason that we consider defendants in this country to be innocent until proven guilty. That’s because it is logically impossible for one to prove one’s innocence.

    Please think a moment before you react with such hate; it does you and the rest of us no good. In fact, some of the suggested punishments were more barbarous than the crime, if that is possible. What does that say about our civilization? It scares me a bit to see that this is what people *wrote* after they had time to think about this.

  76. In my time Carl Chessman was exceuted cor the rape of a woman he had stopped by pretending to be a police officer. Some where, like many other things we have forgotten what a horrendous crime rape is and how to deal with it.

  77. The man should have had to serve a longer time. Then this never would have happend.
    Now I think he should have life sentence or capital punishment.

  78. I think that they need to put him in jail and keep him there. If he keeps on doing it then he’ll more than likely never stop! Thats my option!!!!

  79. Hi
    I’m outraged by this man, because he prayed on an elderly lady. A 75 year old lady is defenseless. Is he not man enough to pick on a young lady who can fight back. Don’t get me wrong, nobody should be raping any lady of any age. That’s violating your privacy. I am a victim of two rapes. Elderly people don’t need this kind of drama to deal with. Each rape he done he should have gotten 6 more months added to his offense. He thinks its just a piece of cake.I’ve even had my life threatened by a young man. It is a terrible drama to go through. After the 5th offense I think he should get twenty-five to thirty years, not just because he raped and threatened a life, it was a 75 year old lady.

  80. Hi
    I am outraged about the 75 year old lady getting raped. Not only once but twice this lady had to go through the same trama. She must be so frightened, & scared. I know what she is going through because I’m a victim also of two rapes. I knew my victims. He got too light of a sense. He should get life, because oviously he intenes to keep doing it each time he comes out of prison. He thinks he can get off scott free almost Six months is nothing to spend in jail. He’s probably is laughing at the system of Justice.

  81. His penis and testicles should be removed then he should be forced to eat them in front of the county courthouse where the crime took place. No appeal unless he chooses to remove his head.

  82. stick a steel rod up his a_s and put the electric to him
    untill he f__kin dies slow and painfull this pice of sh_t doesnt deserve to live off my tax money

  83. This is another example of our so call prison correction
    programs. This individual should have met his maker a
    long time ago. For sure, death would be to easy. I believe
    we should start to have meaningful punishment that fits the
    crime. This person should be made to experience the
    same type of fright and injustice as his victims for a very
    long, long time.

  84. This has definately gotten my hackles up!!! Being a rape victim myself, I believe the guy should have his hands and penis and testicles removed and then sent to prison for a year and be in a cell with other known rapists, and then I believe he should die a very slow death. My God what has this country become?? I say do it right the first time and there will be no repeat offenders!!!!

  85. Send the dirtbag over here! I’ve been wanting to try out the new 12 Gauge 00 buckshot ammunition I recently purchased!!

  86. Buy your grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, wife and any other
    female loved one a handgun. Once our women folk are crack shots,
    there will be less rapes. In the above referenced case, I am in favor
    of the Death penelty.

  87. In that we live in a civilized country, perhaps we should offer him a choice…physical (as opposed to chemical) castration or death

  88. This man should have been taken before a judge, as soon as
    evidence and witnesses were gathered, freed,banished, or led
    to his grave site,(depending on his innocence, or degree of
    guilt), made to dig his grave, and shot and buried, on the 1st
    offense. Period!

  89. Death is not an option. That is an extreemly counterproductive way of dealing with problems. Castration would be a good idea. Or how bout a law that says after being sentenced 3 times there is no chance for early release. And why would you want to rape a 68 year old woman?

  90. It fits perfectly into the present degenerate moral morass we see being promoted and sanctioned by the occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and their myirmidons; lobomotized luddites all! I can see this t–d being nominated to a Federal judgeship by king klinton and being comfirmed by the spinless senate. Linda Bowles hit the nail on the head with her “Battling Leviathan” article today. The original plan of the Founders that the people “own” the government hasn’t turned out that way. The people of America are not owners of agovernment, they are subjects of it. Those who were to serve the people now rule them. And it is going to get worse, vis-s-vis the UN, klinton and his lapdogs and a congress that cares not about America, just their own short sighted personal plush domain. Wake up America, read the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States of Ameirca and the Bill of Rights, and demand you elected officials honor their oaths of office. The end is in sight if this isn’t done. Let Freedom Ring….

  91. Shame she didn’t take the time to excercise her right to keep a firearm for self-defense after the first rape.

    Another victim of politically correct gun-grabbing brainwashers.

  92. The penalty for rape should be public castration. Plain, simple, and to the point. And I could assure you that there would be no repeat offenders. In fact, Im in favor of all kinds of corporal punishment. Steal something and the offending hand gets cut right the hell off. Eye for an eye.

  93. The people responsible for releasing this swine need to be held accountable. The judge sentenced this dirtbag to a certain term in prison for a reason. Early release should NOT be an option. Overcrowded prisons? Bullfeathers! Stick to the sentence handed down. Back to the issue at hand. There is no early release from the hangman’s noose. If found guilty, let him swing.

  94. He should be publicly executed in the most horrible way anyone can think of.(Then the liberal so & so’s who let him out should take his place in prison.)

  95. The penalty for rape should be real, radical sterilization. None of that “chemical / reversible” sterilization. In addition, life in prison with no chance of parole. The penalty for perjury that results in the conviction of, and imposition of the rape penalty to, an innocent person? The rape penalty.

  96. To anyone out there even resembling this man…watch your back. I, and people like me are watching. The Law wont work in this country anymore, so its time to take it up ourselves. If I knew this man, he wouldnt live long. Id hunt him down like a dog. Remember we are watching.

  97. “Ditto” to every comment made
    against this 5th time offender!
    I totally agree with “A Texan”
    regarding the “3rd strike &
    you’re out!” Giving Mr. Brooks
    death penalty, whether it be
    the “hot seat”, lethal injec-
    tion or the gas chamber would
    be too swift of a punishment!
    Torture the son of a bitch and
    then turn him over to “big
    dudes” and let them do what
    ever pleases them!!

  98. The Penalty for rape should be death if, and only if, the penalty for false accusation of rape is death.

  99. I think he should be taken into the Everglades, stripped naked, and have his penis nailed to a tree. Then set fire to the growth around the tree and give him a knife. Tell him he can cut it off or die. If he does cut it off, make sure he is far enough away from civilization that he will die. Better still, after he cuts it off, hamstring him and leave him there to burn.

  100. this guy outta be stuck in a cell for the rest of his life with
    gay men that would gladly pay him back for what he did.
    he could always opt out of it of course, just he would have
    to opt out with his life. or removal of everything below the
    waist in public, no anesthesia…somewhere around those

  101. I’m so angry that this man was allowed to commit so many crimes time and again. There is just no excuse for it. I think that his poor victim should be allowed to render his punishment, whatever she wants done to him so be it! And then nuke his slimy butt to hell!

  102. That’s horrible!! This only shows how corrupt our gov’t really is!
    I mean, can we even make a list long enough to show how many
    things the gov’t has done wrong when the right thing was purely
    common sense! C’mon people!! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE

  103. I think this serial rapist should be castrated and then sent up the river for good … preferably in a cell with another rapist where he could get it up the rear.

  104. Louis Brooks is a demented pervert, and after being raped himself and threatened with a butcher knife, he should be killed. And his victim should get to choose the way he dies. Something is truly wrong in a society when someone can get out of jail after serving a minute amount of time for horribly violent crimes. The “three strikes and you’re out” law should have been put into effect long ago. His poor victim’s only solace is that he will spend eternity in Hell, which is exactly where someone like that belongs.

  105. Penatlies for rape should be the hacking off the the penis publicly. The only problem is prosecutorial misconduct would make opponents scream unfairness and we all know that life absolutely must be “fair”

  106. I say the penalty for a rape should not be death
    purely and simply. I say a convicted raper should
    be SODOMISED to death with a metal broom stick !!
    That would teach him, and get rid of him at the same

  107. I think we should do like they do in the middle east – you steal…they cut your hand off / you rape someone…well, I think you get the point (no pun intended) !!! Since it was a violent crime, the guy should have never been released after the second time !!! The judicial system is a complete joke !!! RAGE ON !!!

  108. It’s interesting to see that the great majority of the responses came from guys. Don’t you women want to think about such things? (Silly question. Of course you don’t)
    Or is it that you girls are afraid to express what you REALLY think the culprit deserves? (Let ME know)

    Anyway, in my opinion the rapist should be medically and humanely castrated AND imprisoned for life without parole. Anything more brutal than that puts you on his “sub-human” level. Anything less would put his “rights” above the rights of the public.

    What do you say to that girls? (EXPRESS YOURSELVES GIRLS! Don’t leave everything up to the guys by default!)

    This person is beyond anything that should accrue any sympathy.

    I think we should allow him to rape and pillage all the parole functionaries that allowed him to leave prison early. That would include the liberal, bleeding heart judges that let him off so he could terrorize society.

  109. Chris.. I’ve thought about it long and hard… we should change our sentence for this man.
    We should lock him in a room with your mother while you watch from a glassed room while he
    pumps it to her. Then we’ll see if you change your opinion. People like you aren’t just crazy, you’re
    a certified moron and you’re dragging our society down.

  110. What has this world come to?
    That people who mistreat animals are punished worse then people who rape,steal and kill.
    Yes this man has no value to
    our society.
    Its to bad the person who said
    theres no way to know if that
    man would have done what he
    did again,should have been the
    victims each time the offence
    was committed.Then the reply
    would have been a little different.
    The only way anyone can bear
    to even read this foolishness
    is to know that this man will
    receive justice some day, when
    he stands before a Holy God,and answers for all the things he has done,
    because it seems theres no
    justice here on earth!

  111. I am a true believer in “an eye for an eye”. If someone steals (lst offense) cut off a finger (2nd offense-cut off the hand that did it). If a person rapes – geld him, spay her. If a person kills, kill that person. Why do we spend so much time and money on the welfare of offenders when there are people who REALLY need our tax dollars to survive. But then again, that brings up the welfare, and you don’t want me to start of that!

  112. I like Adrian’s way – acid castration!!!! The person who asked for women’s opinion got some really good ones from us-the delicate gender!

  113. This is why the three strikes law was put into effect! I do believe that the death sentance needs to be used for people like this. Or Castoration.

  114. Someone breaking in to a house in it self be reason to spend a little time in the Jail house. This does not mean that everyone who breaks in to a home to rob it will repeat the offence, and should be given a second chance. Someone who rapes someone should not be allowed to walk the street ever again, should he be released in to the public again And repeats the crime should Recieve the death sentance.
    NO Ifs And Or Buts!

  115. Don’t get me wrong, what this guy did was beyond evil, and beyond any other vile thing you can think about, but I don’t think anyone has the right to kill this guy.
    Nobody has the right to take anyonelse’s life, unless it’s in self-defense against violence. I really believe that. I don’t believe however in revenge acts of murder; it lowers us down to this guy’s level.
    Yes I think he should be punished, yes he should not be let free, but we can’t suppose that anyone of us is so god-like that we can choose who can live or die. The reason this man kept on committing the crime, was because the powers that be let him out – everytime. If the powers that be concentrate their efforts on protecting people instead of rehabilitating criminals their maybe a few more of us left alive by the end of the day.

  116. There are so many stories like this one, there could be a story like this one right next door to you & probably are. It just goes to show of how are the BLEEDING HEARTS of this nation have really made a mockery buy representing our leagle system un too many criminals realize they have rights over there own victoms!

  117. I believe the punishment should compare with the crime. Perhaps we could work out an arrangment allowing the 2X rapist to choose his own poison…
    Two choices I have in mind from which he might be offered are:
    A. Death sentence –
    make it a slow torturous death (I know, it will never happen, but this may dissuade his interest from this choice and convince him to choose my favorite option, which is…)
    An appropriate technique that comes to mind is skinning, liberal applications of salt, allowing the citizen time to heal, then starting over again.
    In order to obtain a time for healing, the citizen should be permitted to forfeit 1 digit for each period of 1 month of rest and relaxation.
    Citizen must sign a video tape release, for the purpose of instructional videos for others who may be considering pursuing his line of entertainment.

    B. Life sentence, without parole or any right to appeal
    placed in a cell with ‘Bubba’, who is to be given carte blanche throughout this citizen’s sojourn.
    ‘Bubba’ should preferrably have several long term communicable diseases, all of which he is perfectly willing and most anxious to share with this citizen on a regular basis, preferrably several times a day.

  118. The man that raped that poor women twice should have
    been castrated!!! There is no way he should have been
    released after the first time. That kind of stupidity is the
    reason we have so many children loosing their child-
    hood. It repulses me to think that there is any person in
    the United States that would look at a creature like that
    and let him back out into society where he has free reign
    of everyone’s children. Or in his case everyone’s grand-
    mother!!! CUT IT OFF!!!!! END OF DISCUSSION!!!!!!!

  119. 3-strikes is plenty, 5 is beyond comprehension. Penalty should match the crime. Let him be raped, beaten, raped again, then have him beg to die and do it verrrryyyyy slowly.

  120. For this guy…. only a fitting punishment… stake him out in a cleared, level field… face down – spread eagle… a stick of dymamite shoved up his ass with a 50 ft slow burning fuse lit and laying out in front of him… his head secured and his eyes taped so he could do nothing but watch as his future becomes his reality…

  121. The obsurdity & irrational
    expectatations due to his “good behavior” are the CRIME. This elderly woman & other citizens should be given protection & priority. Not the perpetrator. This is
    where our justice system becomes a farce. There WAS a
    way of preventing this. Chemical castration of sex offenders, no option for parole or even death. This
    should frighten all women & every man who loves women, whether it be his wife, mother, sister or in this case–grandmother.

  122. If you have a clear cut case of rape, proof positive 100%…DNA…witnesses…whatever…then the criminas should be put to death on the first offense, then there would be no repeat offenders.

  123. He should die. He should’ve died before he got a chance to rape that poor woman a SECOND time.
    All rapists should die.

  124. The scum should DIE and not an easy death.
    (Some really creating thinking in these comments about
    that – most sound almost too good for this piece of trash.)
    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel
    the morons who kept letting this animal out should
    “swing” along with him.

  125. Public Castration and life imprisonment where he can dance
    with “wonderful” partners like Bubba, Tyrone, and Rex.
    Believe me, this would be true justice which could keep
    many men happy and UP all night. After all… the boys inside
    DO need a little R & R. Ha-Ha!

  126. In biblical times, rape had only one punishment.. DEATH. It was viewed as the same level of violation of humanity as murder, and was granted the same punishment.
    He should die. Quickly, and publicly.
    I make a second proposition… that a new law be written– that any parole board that releases a criminal be held to legal account for the crimes their “early release” recipient commits. 5 months in prison for every nonviolent crime, 10 years for every violent crime– and a legal fine of 50% of all their wealth, paid to the victims of the crime.
    You would see far fewer “early releases” if those passing them out like treats at christmas had to put their own prosperity and freedom on the line.
    I further submit that 15 years for rape is a farce in and of itself. So, for that matter, is life imprisonment. What sort of punishment is that? Three square meals a day, room, board, medical, cable tv, and legal advice– all free– for the rest of their lives, and furthermore paid for by the society they victimized? That’s insult added to grievous injury.
    Death. Death. Death.

  127. The obvious statement is of course, that he is too stupid to even live!! But since we can’t punish him for that, let’s just punish him for what he does over and over. Let’s make the death penalty award for people who CAN”T or WON’T learn their lesson. we need to be as outraged at the LIBERALS who continue to let these perverts and psychos loose on us, as we are at the psychos who do the crimes!!! They need to silenced and depowered!! Remember what LIBERALS AND CENTRISTS do when you vote!!

  128. I would like to say I am shocked, but well, I can’t, not in this day and age. Apparently jail isn’t an option and to keep this and many others safe, I say fry his happy but!!!!

  129. The law in most states declares that a person who is to be put to death be sent to hell in a humane manner. Why? As this animal has shown he has the inability to be human, much less humane. The institution of hanging should be brought back. Let him swing. Along with the liberal, tree hugging, bunny humping idiots that freed him.

  130. This man is completely unredeemable and that the “government” and “justice system” set him free again and again to rape, pillage and plunder speaks volumes about the “elected officials” do to serve their constituency.

  131. I have said before that I DON’T BELIEVE IN THE DEATH PENALTY. But I do believe in life imprisonment WITHOUT parole, especially for rapists, in the ‘sex offender’s area’. I have this vision of a pretty little guy being ‘protected’ by a vary large fellow inmate.
    Justice will be served then.

  132. Capita punishment has no effect on crime or the level of violence involved in crime. In a society where identity is built on the premise that everyone should have everything they want it is not suprising that in america you have rampant social breakdown and individual violence enacted upon each other. The construction of society, its social economic values and the formation of the individual can never be separated to do so is to over simplify a complex issue. Sure people don’t like the answer because americans always look for the easy answer blaming the individual as is there were no social connection. Is this response too complex for you how unfortunate perhaps you should assess your own responsibilities to society berfore blaming everyone but yourself. no matter how horrific this mans crime the very structure of your society is at least partialy to blame.

  133. This is a sick man who should have all his freedom and rights taken. I don’t believe in the death penalty because only God should make that decision. Life in prison without parole is good but look who will be taking care of him-us. I would like to see all harden,repeat criminals taken to a deserted island with no way of escaping- and left with their own kind—heartless animals.

    All things considered…


  135. I don’t believe that the death penalty should be immediately be given for the crime of rape. I do, however, believe that this individual will never be a productive member of society. I do think that heinous situations such as these do warrant death or, at the very least, banishment to a deserted island or spend the REMAINDER of life in prison. NOT a portion of their life; the ENTIRE remainder of their existence on planet earth.

  136. Penalty?
    Pay him a girl (a whore, prostitute etc. as you like), when he is in the prison.
    And he will give complete peace to his very last day.
    Howw. I talked.

  137. I am 14 years old and my father has helped many rape victims. I think that he should have his penis cut off and should remain in solitary confinement for the rest of his life with NO probation. I say if your penis jumps out of your pants, it goes off. A punishment to fit the crime!!!!!

  138. It’s incredible.
    What kind of people are your outrager there up? They are simply worse than fascists and nazis and some communists!

    They are, these writers there up a shame and scum of America.
    That’s they are. They should be flagellated.

  139. Since he should have been put to death 10 yrs. ago, he should be placed in a 10 yr. old pine coffin and buried alive.

  140. anyone who can become aroused while threatening a sixtyeight
    year old woman with a butcher knife cannot be rehabilitated.

  141. Well, I am outraged at the crime. My reaction like everyone elses is to condemn the b****d.
    However, yes there is an ‘however’, we must accept the brutal truth. Execution does not get to the heart of the reason why these people do these things. Perhaps if we were to examine the culprits more closely, we would offer preventitive strategies in education, social services etc.
    My solution is hard and will cost….it demands that the ey-4-an-eye out there put away their knives.
    so here it is
    Allow the medical profession license to examine prisoners, i.d. them at first offense (or maybe before, if they learn to recognise the signs).
    Take them out of prison, into secure hospitals for unlimited time…or until a cure is achieved.
    this results in the recognition of sexual offenders as mentaly unstable people who are unable to function in society.
    safer society
    Pre-emptive referrals can be made by doctors, allowing the removal of likely paedophiles and rapists from the streets.
    there goes your human rights.

    want it?
    pay the price.
    not perfect but neat.

  142. Rape, my friends, is as natural as our need for food. It simply manifests itself resulting from out innate instinct to procreate.
    In a world where sex must be aquired legally, i.e. by a woman’s consent, it is contrary to our natural instints.
    Rape is thus a natural outcome of the unnatural barriers we as humans have set up around sex

  143. I dont think he should be put to death. Definately his life in prison where he can rot feeling guilty for what he did.

  144. Many years ago I worked with a man who, tho very heavy set, looked to be about 20-25 years old. One day, while working together on a project, I asked if he was married. He told me he had divorced by mutual consent. He clarified by telling me that he had contracted testicular cancer and had had an orchidectomy, a procedure where his testicals were removed and replaced with plastic replicas. He was married and in order to perform, he had to take androgens, which at the time were very costly. After som two years, he decided not to spend half his income on the medication and quit cold. He said in a short time his last shave was with a towel when he wiped off his beard. What followed was a friendly divorce since he no longer desired his wife. I said: ” God I’m sorry.” “It must be terrible.” He told me absolutely not. He went on by telling me that when his desire left, he started thinking about other things, including his buddies, hobbies, traveling, and enjoying his kids during his visitations. He felt no animosity towards his ex-wifes new husband. Also what left was his bad temper. He said he now enjoyed life more than ever. This is a true experience.
    Now when one of these expert clowns comes up with his psycho-babble and says castration won’t work, I KNOW HE’S FULL OF CRAP. I say, if a man is guilty without a doubt, castrate and incarcerate for at least two years WITH NO MEDICATION. By then you may find a new man who can be a benefit to society, as well as to himself. Let’s start with this guy. Don’t believe castration won’t work. These psycho-babble elitist experts, (spit), have never investigated the people who gave up the testosterone. Women who take it for body building suffer hot temper and agressiveness. Check it out.
    …And, yes, it causes a higher voice pitch…but General Patton also had a squeeky voice. Voice and a set of balls don’t make a man…. Bob T.

  145. If the victim -any-of-them- had a viable defense
    mechanism, he would have been dealt with quickly
    and efficiently. Seems to me the oppressors who
    wish to remove expedient defense systems from the
    common folk should read the story. What about
    it Mr.’s Clinton/Schumer/Wrangel et al.?

  146. What are we, as a society, doing to our male children,
    male adolescents and grown men to cause so much hostility
    and pure hatred of the females? When the father of a newborn
    girl can rape and abuse her (happened in our hometown) and
    young boys (ages 7 & 8, my grandsons) are fascinated
    with violence and female bodies, and so, so many grown
    men are hostile, hateful and full of violence (a mother and girl
    child were murdered in our little town) toward women it has
    to raise the question….WHAT IS WRONG? Is it something
    in the water in this country? Why are young MEN driven to
    slaughter their classmates and MEN who are fired from their
    jobs obsessed with MURDERING the people they feel are
    responsible for this? Does anyone else think this goes
    beyond the “justice system” in this country, which is, primarily
    made up of male judges who think its alright to give visitation
    rights to fathers who are accused over and over again of
    sexually abusing their children? WHAT AM I MISSISNG HERE?
    sturggling with their

  147. Any man who rapes a woman ought to be permanently
    fixed so that he will have to pee like a woman for the rest
    of his life. After that, if they try to molest a woman, they
    should die.

  148. I think that any one (at any age)who commits a violent crime, such as rape, should be removed from the genepool.
    I don’t buy the rehabilitation stuff, and based upon the general level of violence of the so called “Hip Hop” culture, I’d say we better start the summary executions quickly. They’re already breeding.

  149. Let old Sparky rehabilitate
    him! He should never have been
    released in the first place.
    The 3 strikes you are out
    should be just 1 strike and
    you are out. Where did we go
    wrong with or “justice system”?
    Why should we give a criminal
    2 more chances to reak more
    havoc on society?? Eliminate
    the problem.

  150. these type of criminals are being set free long before the end of thier sentences because crime seems to be popular and we haven’t got enough prisons to house all the criminals…i have 2 ideas to resolve this problem. 1) take on the middle-eastern laws…if you rape, you get the male member removed….steal and lose your hand…or 2) renovate all of the existing prisons…no cells, just 4 exterior walls and everyone inside for themselves…treat them absolutely no better than the military people who serve our country…no weight rooms, libraries, cafeterias and so on. i know that if anyone in the public sector can’t pay for electricity, it gets turned off, so why do we bestow these rights to those who have taken so much from us all???

  151. what is the law waiting for? him to kill someone? even then it would depend on who he killed as to his sentence.WAKE UP AMERICA

  152. Rapist should have their genitals cut off with out the aid of pain killers. And then given hormone pills to make them grow breast. Then maybe that stong male urge would die out alittle.

  153. This man is a Plague on society and does not deserve the right to continue to occupy space in this world. We see no need to contiue to feed and shelter such a indiviual in prison using up citizens hard earned tax money. Excecute without any further discussion!

  154. If we kept criminals in prison then we would not have a crime problem. If we didn’t have a crime problem then we wouldn’t need “Crime Bills” to deprive honest Americans of their right to keep and bear arms.

  155. I think he should be kept in jail for life. If they are stupid enough to let him out again, I think he should be hung upside down by his genitals.

  156. the day that a man gets four second chances for violent crimes will be the day that i say i am no longer proud to be an american

  157. in reference to VALENTIN’s rageback: not being exactly sure what you were trying to say,i can only assume that you were accusing the OUTRAGE’s staff of being made up of fascists,nazis,and commies.in which case,if they are,then i had rather be like them than to be the one to set this man free 4 times.there is no excuse for this type of insanity.i say,KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK,OUTRAGE! and if that was not your intention,valentin,please excuse

  158. I feel that Brooks should NOT be given a 5th chance. He has screwed up too many times and has proven that he is incorrigible. He is a menace to society and, while I’m not sure about the death penalty, he should not be allowed to live within our society again.

  159. it seems everyone’s all out to have this guy executed. what ever happened to tolerance? you’re all a bunch of intolerant bigoted nazis. this man obviously has problems, but we shouldn’t torture him, we should help him. we need to stop discriminating against these misguided people and start tolerating them while we help them.

  160. N-SINCERE.
    if you were not being sarcastic about being tolerant,then you need to get your head out of your ass and start smelling the coffee,cause this man has proved himself unworthy of rehabilitation,even if it were possible for him to be rehabilitated,which is no longer an option.tolerance is what has gotten us into this mess in the first place.and it’s not torture,it’s death,and if he’s sick enough in the head to do what he did,then he probably would appreciate it

  161. Rape is all about power at the end of the day. Having been in that position myself I prefer to have the power to forget and get on with my life rather than let some low-life scum ruin the rest of it. By wallowing in self pity it is letting that person have a hold on you for the rest of your life…and by the way – this man should be castrated…he wouldn’t be able to do anything then…let the punnishment fit the crime..

  162. The best defense (against these predators) is a good offense. The best deterrent is one that deters. So I say no more chances–off with his head!!!

  163. Fla. should take the lead from Texas and dispose of some of its problems. As my old Pappy always says, “If you do the job right the first time, you will not have to do it again.”

  164. Anyone who rapes should be severly beaten and tortured. Then kill him. And if you think that’s cruel and unusual, Think about the torture his victim will be going throught the rest of her life.

  165. Being a rape victim myself, this is very disturbing to me. I believe that this guy should be given the death penalty. What he has put this woman through is something that she will never get over. Women in this country should not be be fearful of reporting such crimes because our justice system cannot keep them in prison where they belong!!!!!!!!!!

  166. I think he should be sentanced to a maximum security prison for the rest of his life. That way he could become somebodies bitch and get raped daily.

  167. (actual quotes from liberals here)

    “By killing the perpetrator, you reduce yourself to his level.”

    “Who are we to judge?”

    “We need to stop discriminating against these misguided people.”

    Normally, I’d disagree…but you liberals have shown me the True Path to goodness. I’m truly sorry for being such a non-compassionate, meanspirited conservative. Do you have an anger-management seminar I can attend? In the meantime, we’ll join together to build a halfway house for poor little Louis and his fellow rapists. Free cable TV, weightlifting equipment, Penthouse subscriptions, the whole schmeer. We’ll gather rapists of all ages, colors and creeds at this halfway house — after all, we must always celebrate diversity.

    Once the house is filled to standing-room, we’ll seal the doors and windows, break into a chorus of “Kumbayah”…

    …and burn the house to the ground, being sure to record the sight and sound of the condemned men dying for later continuous-loop playback in prisons around the world.

  168. This man needs to be brought to justice to face the death penalty. He is a menace to society, has demonstrated that he cannot change and is a repeat offender. By attacking the elderly he has shown a that he has a psychological problem.

    Rather than spending State tax dollars trying to salvage this man’s mind through counseling, I propose a better method of getting him to chande his ways— death.

    Maybe other potential rapists would see the strong message.

    Save the money that would be spent to house and clothe this man in a correctional facility, save the money that would get paid to a shrink and redirect these funds to help the victims of his crimes. Kill this repeat offender so that he can not create any more victims.

    This is the humane solutuion.

  169. Why can judges let these people go free? I believe that murderers, rapists, and second time drug dealers should be given the death penalty (with very few restrictions). Our communities would benefit more than we would ever know.

  170. Death would be the easy way out for this man. Every day for the rest of his natural life should be just close enough to hell that death will be his only chance at relief from pain.

  171. This rapist, and others as well, should be placed in
    the general prison population, but with a couple of
    “modifications” to their “persona”. One, they should
    be emasculated… Two, they should have a prominent
    tattoo on their forehead … “Rapist! I’m Yours!”

  172. Hell No! This SOB deserves to rot in jail,after his balls have been cut off that is…or better yet take it all off. It’s sick and twisted indviduals such as this that keep crime rates up and prisons so full to overflowing that the justice system allows inmates to be paroled before serving thier complete sentence. Thus sending the message that the you can do the crime and NOT do the time.

  173. I say dress his sorry as s butt up in full deer costume including antlers , and set his sorry as s but out into the woods , id be the first one to take a pop shot at his sorry butt hole, good hunting all

  174. I cant believe you people. She probably wanted it in the first place!! I say all women deserve exactly what they get.


  176. Locking him up and throwing away the key is too good for him.

    Shame on the prison officials who let this beast out on parole!

  177. Mr. Brook’s should be subject Islamic Law. For his attack and rape of an elderly woman, he should be castrated. For his burgularies, his hands should be cut off.

  178. It is understandable that Floridian authorities should allow this person to walk the streets. After all, they have to make space in their jails for all those violent drug offenders. Furthermore, in the discussion of the death penalty, i haven’t seen any acknowledgement of this truth: The only just death penalty is one administered by a citizen defending his or her life, property or the lives of others. With that in mind, we ought to seek the distribution of a foolproof device for the defense of potential rape victims. My own favorite concept would be a gas-powered dart which could be strapped or taped to the pudenda, to fire automatically when unwanted pressure where put to bear on this area. The dart would inject a small quantity of fugu fish toxin, which causes immediate paralysis and death in seconds. The advantages of this weapon over guns, knives, batons or bare hands should be immediately obvious. It would be equally effective in cases where the victim has been disabled by Rohypnol or similar “date rape” drugs.

    A variant of this device could be surgically implanted in those individuals, like the elderly, for whom consensual sexual intercourse is no longer likely.

  179. I think the sentence for rape should be death. For any person to sexually manipulate someone else is in humane. It is disgusting and frightening. It’s upsetting to read that a madn got let out of prison after raping someone. He should never have been let out of prison. They are doing more than raping someone, they are stealing, stealing someone’s innocence or sense of security and I think that’s just wrong.

  180. This man should be given a life sentence or possibly the
    death sentence if he is in a State that has the law.
    No woman should have to live her life in fear of a person
    like this coming back to haunt her. Put him away!

  181. As a Canadian, I can verify that we have the same problems in our “justice system” with prisoners getting out early on parole. How well behaved do these mosters have to be? Exactly what is meant by the term “good behaviour”? I say let him rot in prison, eating bread and water for the rest of his life, having no interaction with other humans…and as for the liberals who keep setting him free, well, maybe if they were one of his victims, they’d think differently!!!

  182. Brooks should be put away for live. This should have happened the first time he raped. The department of corrections should be taken to task for letting this individual out of jail.

  183. Uh… The reason this happens is because we HAVE to rely on others to carry out justice for us (ie. the cops and courts). To them though, it is just a job, like any other. Guess how it got to be so a rapist can get outta jail after a short time and go raping again. That’s right. By people voting for politicians who make up these counter-productive laws. The cops and courts just enforce them. Even when they don’t believe in them. But we have made it so you cannot do what you believe is right. You are told what to do and your choices are, do what they say or don’t. Not what should I do about this. You know what that means, all of those women that we feel sorry for for not reporting the rape are also the reason why they get the shaft when they do. So is everyone else that votes. It’s a self-feeding problem but people think it is going to magically be fixed by making tougher laws. Well, rape is already illegal, and it hasn’t stopped. Same with murder. Outlawing things does not stop them, neither does stiffer penalties. Otherwise there would be less crime than there is. How about working on the general environment that people live in? “That’s too hard and I would have to think to do anything about that, so why bother?” Uh…. Allrighty. If we were allowed to make our own decisions (not play this multiple choice game) then things might be better. If that little old lady was allowed to have a gun, or her friends and family could do something about the rapist, he would be gone. But they cannot do anything more than play “tattle-tail.” And weren’t you raised being told that no-one like a tattle-tail or that being a tattle-tail is bad? Then why is it that now that we are adults and we should be able to handle our own selves, we are not allowed to? Hrm? That’s right! It get’s voted right out the window! By who? The politicians YOU vote for. (I don’t vote because I don’t want the lesser of two evils, I want no evil. But if I write “none” on the ballot, the government is NOT going to dissolve, so why bother?) Let’s see, back to the story at hand. If she was allowed to get “justice” by herself instead of relying on the system to do it, the rapist probably would not come back. He would have to think to himself (assuming he would still be alive), “Hey, I better not mess with this lady, she messes back.” But since she cannot do anything but tattle, she is a victim. So is everyone else that is not allowed to defend themselves. Which includes everyone. Because if you do, you have just commited a crime since you are not allowed to do these things, like defend yourself. I mean, if were to be carrying a gun, I KNOW that I would not use it for anything nefarious, but because others do, I am not allowed to carry a gun. And they are already law breakers, they can carry guns because they are not playing by the same rules that the “good guys” are. But for some reason the goodguys think they they ARE playing by these rules. But if they were, there would be no crime. Only good people are going to follow these rules, so all you are doing by making rules like this, is making people victims! DOH! The blatant retardation!

  184. Cut his testicles off. Then make him ingest the testicles.
    Then force him to live the rest of his life locked up in a jail
    cell with 300 pound muscular, well endowed, violent,
    Extremely horny homosexuals.

  185. This is just one of many examples of how the judicial system has gone awry. I would hope that the judge/jury would have learned after this perpetrator reoffended the first time.

  186. I think we can eliminate more incidents like this by just castrating men who rape women. The desire to rape again will be gone.
    Women suffer far more than the men ever will even after being castrated. The manner in which they percive men after a rape occurs changes. Much less the feelings and rage they have to carry with them after that, the way they would portay male/female relationships to their children changes. The trust they can put in anyone of the male species. The manner in which a woman looks at her own body changes after she has been raped. It no longer has the same beauty in her own eyes as it once had. It often appears dirty, and soiled in her own minds eye. Even worse, she thinks if appears that way to others too.
    Please help stop the occurances of violent crimes like this. Make the ability to even rape again impossible. Many will be much more likely not to rape even once when they know the consequences will be firm.
    Our country was not based on people who gave a large number of chances. If you commited a crime, you were punished. That punishment was fitting and firm. The more chances we give, the more we give extra rights to people who take away the rights of others, the more and more problems we will have. Show that we do stand for what this country was founded on. People who knew they had a right to stand up for what they believed. People who knew that wrongs should be punished, and that we should be able to have freedom w/o our own country mates taking that away from us. As far as I am concerned. When you take away rights of other people, you have just given up all your rights beyond cruel and unusual punishment.

  187. A rapist obviously has problems. There should be no “good behavior” rewards in prison. Of course many rapists will act like they have learned their problems and won’t do it again. Duh.

    The punishment for rape should be 10 fold the pain inflicted on the victim. Most of the time this would mean cruel and unusual punishment and then death.

    One more note: If I caught this rapist and there was no one else around, I would devise my own method of payback so hopefully it wouldn’t happen again. Why let the inefficient justice system toy with this guy for a couple of years and let him go!?!?

  188. Uhh… Castrate rapists? All that does is keep them from creating illigitimate children. Since serial rape is about power, then why would that calm them down? They are more upset and cannot rape. So then the murder rate just might go up, since they now have one more avenue of “power” cut from their lives. I kinda like the idea of uninstalling their life support.

  189. Boy am I having a hard time keeping profanities off this commentary…..that scumbag needs a punishment in tune with his crime. In the days of Henry VIII, they had a punishment for traitors to the Crown which I think would be good for this guy. 1st, they hang you untill your almost dead, then they break you over a wheel, then castrated and disemboweled, then burned. Enough said? Maybe if we had a few public executions like they did in those days, it would show that we ARE outraged and not going to stand for it any more!!!!!

  190. N-sincere
    this was a nice touch, someone had to defend the ass hole
    but maybe it’s more than that. N-sincere may have a
    problem in this dept. themselves and felt the need to
    defend him, maybe they should take him in and help him
    but don’t call the police when he turns
    on you remember he needs your help…

  191. this is an outrage.It is totally disgusting.Iwould like to sign a petition or something to prevent this sick f* from ever getting out of jail. Lynn

  192. Death penalty. Empty the prisons of violent criminals. Mass
    executions. Kill them all.

    You want to get rid of violence? Get rid of the violent! Sink
    to their level and deal with them in the only language they
    understand. Butcher them by the tens of thousands.

    You want deterrance. That’s deterrance!

  193. You’re an idiot. Death would have stopped this guy from raping again sure, but the death penalty on the whole is not a deterrent, nor is it implemented in a fair, non-racially or economically biased manner.

  194. Oh my! Kill him? We wouldn’t want to violate his rights now, would we? What could possibly be accomplished by dealing with his violent acts by treating him violently? What would that teach him and others in our society? What would that say about US? Of course, if you have read up to here, you must realize that I am joking. Unlike the millions who would say something like the above and actually mean it, I understand that the death penalty would eliminate about 90% of the crimes in this ridiculous, liberalized country. So would allowing the police free reign to open fire on a variety of individuals they catch in the act of committing a crime – instead of becoming involved in chases which endanger innocent millions. Mess up? Then you’re dead! That’s the way it should be. Within a couple of short years, all of us would be able to walk around in any downtown area, in any part of the country, at any time, and feel totally safe and free.

  195. Despite being a rape survivor, I know better than to look at rape as a problem unto itself. Rape is violence. Violence is human nature. The only way to prevent violence against women, war, genocide, child abuse, school shootings and such is to change human nature. Which doesn’t mean these things are okay, but that human nature is NOT okay. Castration is not the solution nor is it morally an option for a supposedly civilized nation. I was quite happy to break my attacker’s bones and disfigure his face after I overpowered him. And yes, he is in prison. Does a rapist deserve to be tortured and killed? Yes. Is a rapist less than human, with none of the rights the rest of us have? Yes. But castration and the death penalty are not options because there is no one on Earth, and no judicial system, qualified to dole out such severe and permanent punishment. Nor will there ever be. So long as we have a judicial system, it is unavoidable that some people (I’ve met way too many of them myself) will be wrongly convicted. The possibility of the wrongful execution or castration of ONE person is reason enough to do away with such punishments altogether. The sentence has to be mandatory life in prison without parole.
    The reason isn’t that rapists don’t deserve such punishment. But not only will we never be qualified to deal such irrevocable harm to another person, but there is something wrong with a person who can kill another person for any reason but immediate self-defense and be as happy about it as most people are. If we are so eager to hurt or kill others, then we are the cause of violence and we don’t deserve to solve our problems.

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