“They came very quietly while we were sleeping…They just started chopping, chopping, chopping.”

It’s easy enough to get outraged about the follies of western Civilization — corrupt politicians, insane juries, and political correctness, just to name a few — but much of the real outrage takes place in the remote jungles of Africa.

Last week a refugee camp in northwestern Rwanda was the nightmarish scene of butchery as Hutu “militiamen” massacred 271 members of the Tutsi tribe and wounded another 227. Most of the victims were women and children.

An unknown number of Hutus attacked the refugee camp last Wednesday evening and began a five-hour killing spree during which they used machetes to hack their victims to death.

“I was sleeping and then I heard shouting and screaming,” said Sylvestre Gulamane, one of the wounded survivors. “There were fires blazing and I could see some men running around just chopping anything.”

The camp was littered with women and children with their limbs hacked off. Three of the dead victims were found with their fingers missing; probably a result of using their hands to try to protect themselves from the machete-wielding attackers.

According to Colonel Kayumba, military commander for the northwest portion of Rwanda, the attack had neither political nor economic motivation — just simple hatred. “It is genocide, pure and simple,” Kayumba said.

(Source: Reuters.)

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