October 1, 1997


Image of today's outrageWhat does God look like?

We have always imagined a benevolent, white-haired old man, with a kindly smile for those he welcomes to his ethereal abode. Or, if as the feminists proclaim, God takes a female shape, we wouldn’t be particularly disappointed. After all, kindly old Grandmother Outrage is as close to the real thing as we’ve ever known.

In all likelihood our Outrageous writing will land us in the cosmic cellar. But in the unlikely event we ever meet God, we’re kinda counting on a kinder and gentler entity.

Given our view of Utopia, we always wonder why so many associate God with unbelievable violence and brutality.

The “Holy War” in Algeria has resulted in the death of 60,000 people, mostly innocent civilians, since 1992. The most recent attacks have come as members of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) have killed and butchered, all in the name of God.

This past weekend in the town of Blida eleven teachers were killed in front of their students. In another attack the assailants slit the throats of a husband, wife, and their two daughters, and kidnapped three young women.

At about the same time as the above attack 15 men slit the throats or decapitated 56 members of a family that lived in five adjacent houses near Algiers. Five more young women were kidnapped.

The same night ten others were killed in the town of Tlemcen.

Last week the fanatics slaughtered 200 people on the outskirts of Algiers.

When the GIA needed a place for its troops it simply ordered the residents of the village of Ouled Allel to leave or die. Those that didn’t leave at first got the point after GIA troops began massacring those who stayed.

Typically the GIA attackers mutilate and then burn the corpses of their victims. They also burn alive some of their victims, including children and babies.

GIA spokesmen hailed the latest massacres as God’s work.

(Source: CNN.)

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