What is the fate of a man who terrorizes the world?

Let us look at the career of infamous international terrorist Illich Ramirez Sanchez,      better known as Carlos the Jackal.

Carlos is the son of a Venezuelan lawyer who named his three boys Vladimir, Illich, and Lenin, after the late great Soviet leader. With such a father, it’s no surprise that Carlos was formally educated in terrorism, attending Moscow’s Patrice Lumumba University for aspiring third world revolutionaries.

Carlos’ entry-level job was with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. One of his first assignments was to attempt to kill Marks and Spencer department store chief Edward Sieff while the British Zionist was taking a bath.

Climbing the career ladder of death and destruction, Carlos organized the Japanese Red Army occupation of the French Embassy in the Hague, the bombing of a Paris drugstore in 1974, and two failed rocket attacks on Israeli airliners at Orly Airport in Paris.

He is probably responsible for bomb attacks on French trains and at a French cultural center. However, his most famous attack took place in 1975 when he led a group of terrorists that kidnapped 11 oil ministers at an OPEC meeting in Vienna.

All in all, Carlos is probably responsible for the murder of at least 80 people around the world. While killing on behalf of the proletariat, Carlos was known for his fondness for the high life. Third World governments, in addition to financing his mayhem, treated Carlos like a VIP, and indulged his taste for women, wine, and song.

Carlos is now in a French jail, awaiting retrial on murder charges for which he was convicted in absentia.

So how does this man, who has murdered so often, who has ruined the lives of countless families, who has caused disruption and terror around the world, live?

Not too badly, thank you. He does complain that his favorite Havana cigars are hard to come by in jail, but we have the same problem here at the DO. Carlos keeps up on news about his manly hobby with a subscription to L’Amateur de Cigare, delivered to his jail cell.

He has, of course, numerous lawyers, all of whom appear to be women. One of these disciples of justice was reprimanded when she was found sitting in Carlos’ lap in his jail cell. Another of his lady lawyers, Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, says Carlos is lonely: “Every time I visit him, I can feel he is embittered by isolation,” she says. Poor guy.

We’re certainly glad the French don’t have the death penalty — executing someone like Carlos would be cruel. After all, he has the classic French appreciation of the good things in life: pretty women, fine food, and good wine, and what could be more important than that?

(Source: Reuters.)

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0 thoughts on “CARLOS THE KILLER!

  1. Just a response for the nameless idiot who mouthed off about, “French appreciation for cowardice and facsism”, who didn’t even have the balls to leave his e-mail or name. You are a true coward, which means you could never be a facsist. I am a proud white, French, nationalist and even though I despise Carlos for being the communist sympathizer that he is, you aren’t even worthy to lick his boots.

    I think Carlos was an idealist and no one can be blamed for his beliefs! He believed he could build a better world and sadly took the wrong path! Nevertheless his profession was to be a revolutionary, and if that is a crime than the French Revolution, the portuguese Revolution and all the others were just horrendus crimes and its intervenients assassins, murderers and terrorists!…Open your eyes!

    Time: 7/6/98 (22:2:2)

    I think that you do the average citizen a great disservice to discuss frivolous lawsuits without putting them in context.

    The normal experience when someone is cheated or harmed…. or has their rights violated… is that litigation is very difficult and very unfair to the injured party. A few wild and newsworthy cases may slip through… but most people find litigation to be a cruel and frustrating experience…. and anything but just. The big companies have the best lawyers and can afford to litigate. The average citizen gets a lawyer who can afford to settle out of court, and rarely serves the client well. Even the biggest private law firms are often simply too poor to fight big companies.

    In the case of managed care/ health insurance ERISA of 1974 prevents suit in State Court. Only suit before a Federal Judge is permitted and compensatory and punitive damages are barred.

    This is why an HMO or Insurance company can deny needed treatment, allow a clerk to practice medicine and override your doctor….yet if they kill or injure the patient… they cnnot be sued for the harm. You can only sue for the treatment they denied…but the loved one may be dead, or incurable by then.

    Punitive damages keep CEO’s from calculating with certainty the value of human life. If CEO’s know the can kill a human for $200,000 each then a dangerous product gets made when the risk/benefit/cost calculation warrants.

    With punitive damages a life may be $100,000 or $20,000,000…. so hopefully CEO’s cannot calculate the exact cost of a dangerous product. Making things as safe as possible, and full disclosure of the risk, becomes the order of the day.

    Time: 1/24/98 (1:22:25)

    Re: Lawyers. Are not all (or most) lawyers Freemasons? Most of our presidents were Masons, including Clinton. And, fifty-one of the fifty-some signers of the Constitution were also Masons, including Geo. Washington and Ben Franklin. The Constitution for the united States of American was drafted not for ‘us’ but for ‘them.’ We were fortunate to have the Bill of Rights, but they are destroying it article by article. Was it Mark Twain that said “The first thing we should do is kill all the lawyers” ?!?

    Time: 12/14/97 (17:26:32)

    Hard to believe a guy with these credentials isn’t on the CIA payroll —

    Time: 12/14/97 (17:15:45)

    I like the way they did it in the old westerns; while the trial was taking place, you could hear, in the background, the sound of the hammers as the gallows were being built.

    When the trial was over, the gallows were put to use. No appeals, no soft living in the “prison.” etc. Tried, convicted. sentence carried out. Period. End of story. If we had this kind of justice brought back, there would be less crime. Instant execution, 100% of sentences served = less crime. I guarantee it.


    Time: 12/14/97 (15:35:7)

    You wrote: “We’re certainly glad the French don’t have the death penalty — executing someone like Carlos would be cruel. After all, he has the classic French appreciation of the good things in life: pretty women, fine food, and good wine, and what could be more important than that?”

    You forgot to mention the classic French appreciation of cowardice and fascism.

    Time: 12/14/97 (11:18:9)

    This guy reminds me of senator Kennedy. They both supposedly fight for the little guy and destroy everything they touch. Should we also mention wine (lots of it), women and song…

    Time: 12/14/97 (11:13:44)

    Why can’t we get a guy like this to go after reasonable targets such as IRS headquarter buildings?

  2. please just tell me how to build gallows give me a map so i can print out its for school an i need it so give it to me thank you

  3. I’m outraged by the Jackal’s wife. That Bitch is now trying to defend Zacarias Moussaoui. My god, she is married to a man that said, “I ask as the last wish of a living martyr that a United States or Zionist enemy be executed for each day that I have spent in prison in France.”

    This is the outrage!

  4. Hey,
    I just wanna say that Carlos is the greatest revolutionary man ever.

  5. I think that Carlos TOTALLY RULZ!! And I think that we all have to make our sacrifice, to kill an american! FU*K AMERICA & ISRAEL, UP WITH CUBA & PALESTINE!!! Down with the oppressors, up with the oppressed!! Build WTC up again, so that we can blow it up again, ok?

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