You say you have a problem that you want to solve? Nah…don’t try to solve it. That could require hard work, sacrifice, conflict — any number of undesirable things.

Just rename it.

President Clinton has a problem. It’s called Bosnia. The problem is that most Americans think the U.S. has no business spending money and lives to solve problems so far from home. And amazingly enough, many U.S. lawmakers actually agree with their constituents.

Republican lawmakers have been trying to cut off funding for the Bosnia edition of Globo Cop for some time. But Clinton, in the style that marks him as a master politician, simply renames the problem and, whoosh, the problem goes away.

Here is how it works. In late 1995 Clinton said that Ifor, the International Force of NATO and American troops in Bosnia, would leave after one year. The troops did leave.

But America didn’t leave Bosnia. Ifor was renamed Sfor, for Stabilization Force, and the American presence in Bosnia continued.

The Sfor troops are supposed to leave this coming June. But guess what? There are still lots of problems in Bosnia that haven’t been solved.

No problem. Just rename the Sfor troops to Dfor, and call them the Deterrent Force. If you play the game right you can even move the Sfor troops out of Bosnia, move Dfor troops in, and say you kept your word.

Senator Robert Smith, member of the Armed Forces Committee, said, “The president, on this issue, has lost all credibility. We just don’t believe anything he says.”

Representative Steve Buyer said the administration is playing a “foreign policy con game.” And the game goes on.

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(Source: Washington Times.)

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