Last year the U.S. Internal Revenue Service collected 1.4 trillion dollars in tax payments.

President Clinton is fond of referring to this money as “contributions” made by taxpayers. But how does the IRS actually collect these so-called contributions?

According to Senate Finance Hearings set to begin later this week the IRS sometimes utilizes the following tactics:

  • Some agents use fake names when dealing with taxpayers. (This one we can sort of understand; who would want it known that you make your living as an IRS “revenue agent.”)
  • Assess tax liabilities with no basis in law or fact. (We think this means that the agents say you owe money whey they know you don’t.)
  • File liens against relatives and employees of the “target” in order to pressure the taxpayer to make his/her “contribution.” (Who conducts IRS training classes — the ghost of Stalin?)
  • Confiscate cars, boats, and homes based on flimsy authority and no judicial review.

Why do agents engage in these tactics? Apparently the IRS uses illegal quota systems that reward agents for the amount they collect or, more chillingly, the number of liens they file.

One particularly nasty byproduct of the quota systems is that it tends to focus collection efforts on small businesses and taxpayers who are the least able to mount a defense.

However, here at The Outrage we have no objection to these tactics and we think that the IRS is doing a fine job. (Did we say that right, Mr. Collector? Can we get our kids back now?)

(Source: Reuters.)

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  1. Texas was never legally admitted to the Union of states.
    There was no treaty of annexation, just a joint resolution
    that has no lawful standing . We are outraged and want
    our Republic returned. The corporate State of Texas has
    robbed the people o f $8.5 Trillion,which they manage,
    with over $2.5Trillion annual income. Where does it go?

    Time: 6/15/98 (21:11:7)

    did anybody notice the dam pay phone charge went to 35 cents. it’s time for another teaparty…


    Time: 4/16/98 (22:35:57)

    While slick Willy is banging his underlings at the white house, his wife, the president of the United States is economically sodomizing us all, while the big guys get more tax breaks!! “Money” has replaced “Morals” in this wonderous and just land we live in…

    Time: 4/11/98 (21:59:30)

    I’m still to give my fair share for my tax audit of about a year ago. The agent for our goverment couldn’t even add let alone dress right –he was a man dress like a woman. I don’t know where they find these agents at.

    Time: 9/26/97 (21:38:48)

    I am appaled. Congress loads EVERY tax law with segregation, discrimination, extortion and fraud.

    They demand Pro-American buisnesses adhere to mother natures DEMAND. They market the cost in the cost of their product or service. Of EVERY employees living union wage, profit and the cost of America existing in THE REAL WORLD. Market the cost of Anti-American businesses tax abatements. Market the cost of discriminated against, economically RAPED , tax paying SLAVES paying for Holy Slicks tax refund, buying a place in Heaven, from Holy hucksters, for “send your tax deductable donation to us”. Market the cost of economically RAPED, tax paying SLAVES paying for tax refunds awarded donors supporting non-profit, tax exempt, glorified, socialized, Communist organazations. Market the cost of economically RAPED, tax paying SLAVES paying for EVERYTHING parisites, volenteers without wages, scab labor with insuffant wages, SLAVES working in American sweat shops and labor camps for Anti-American businesses and American workers left jobless, indigent and homeless by Anti-American businesses and foreign preditors ethically, morally moving to another enterprize zone for more tax abatement, HAVE TO STEAL TO EXIST IN THE REAL WORLD.

    Time: 9/25/97 (6:41:58)

    Any system which is built from stealing from the rich to give to the poor (welfare, medicare, medicaid. social security) is only bound to use Communistic tactics to force its people to make “contributions” to its unethical cause. Right about now I’m pretty interested in the flat tax, and privatization talked about by Steve Forbes when he ran for president. Big Government = Bad Government.

    Time: 9/24/97 (21:24:19)

    Remember, the government that governs the least, governs the best. Abolishing the income tax is the only solution to this legalized extortion!

    Time: 9/24/97 (14:48:52)

    Anyone for a cup of Tea?

    Time: 9/24/97 (13:53:44)

    An interesting sidelight to all this about the IRS. Yesterday, one Senator, Tom Daschle was able to use a seldom used rule of the Senate to close all Senate hearings in progress including the one on the IRS. Talk about gall.

    I’m as outraged about that as I am about the Federal Government in total. Whatever happened to “Freedom?”

    Long live HR 292. It’s the Constitution stupid.

    Time: 9/24/97 (13:30:45)

    I’m outraged enough to Vote Libertarian! (www.lp.org)

    Time: 9/24/97 (9:44:24)

    I’m outraged alright but the IRS is not the principal focus of my outrage! Congress is the source of this continued violation of my rights. It has, with the complicity of the federal judiciary and the federal executive, consistently violated the prohibitions placed upon them by the 4th amendment. These same violations are a major source of the campaign finance violations that we see and hear so much of. If federal officeholders have fewer priveleges to offer for sale there are going to be fewer buyers. Let’s reform both election finance and the IRS by defeating every incumbent running for federal office for the next 12 to 16 years and insist that they repeal all the laws violating the limitations “We the People” placed on them 205 years ago!

    Time: 9/24/97 (9:26:8)

    Didn’t our forefathers fight the Revolutionary war and establish our country mainly because of taxation without representation?

    Time: 9/24/97 (9:14:19)

    It it any surprise that an adminstration which believes in forced “volunterism” would refer to taxes taken by force and intimidation as a “contribution”?

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