November 5, 1997


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If the path to Hell is paved with good intentions, then the path to Iraq must be paved with UN medical sanctions.

While dictator Saddam Hussein postures regarding UN arms inspectors his sons are busy selling UN-approved medical supplies to finance the brutal regime.

You may recall that at the end of the 1991 Gulf War the UN imposed wide-ranging sanctions on Iraq, including prohibitions against the import of medical supplies. Hussein’s regime claimed there were thousands of civilians, including women and children, who were dying as a result of the sanctions.

In order to ease the suffering, the UN relaxed sanctions and allowed Iraq to receive supplies to be used for Iraqi civilians. We’re less than shocked to find that UN controls didn’t work, and that Saddam’s son Uday has been running an operation that takes the supplies and exports them to neighboring countries such as Jordan. The smuggling operation earns the Butcher of Baghdad millions in profits.

Despite the billion-dollar-a-day Gulf War, little has changed in Iraq. Saddam Hussein and his sons continue to rule with a brutal hand, executing any possible opponents and living in luxury while the rest of the country starves.

Saddam’s son Uday, viewed as the heir to power, spent most of his time chasing women until he was rendered impotent by an assassination attempt last December. He has spent millions of dollars of the profits from the medical smuggling operation on machinery and drugs to help him recover and regain his virility. (Uday prided himself as a ladies man — not a tough accomplishment when you can literally KILL the ladies that refuse your advances.)

When not chasing women Uday keeps busy killing people, such as his own brothers-in-law. Two of the latter were murdered only several days after returning to Iraq from self-imposed exile in Jordan. Uday had greeted his brothers-in-law and given them his “word of honor” that they had nothing to fear. Uday then immediately ordered their execution.

Other profits from the medical smuggling operation are going to finance the Mukhabarat, Hussein’s intelligence service and a primary instrument of oppression.

Whatever happened to all those Iraqis who were supposed to be relieved from their suffering with the help of the medical supplies? We would guess that they ARE relieved from their suffering — they’re probably dead by now.


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