Howard Steven Ault is now behind bars, awaiting trial. Yesterday, he gave media interviews alleging that he is guilty of other murders beyond the two children he admitted to killing last November and the other attacks detailed below.

In fact, Ault was a known child rapist, and yet was still allowed to go free.

  • Ault’s criminal record begins in 1986, when he was charged with aggravated battery, for which he received three years probation. 
  • In 1988, he was convicted of burglary and attempted sexual assault. He served three years and nine months of a seven year sentence. 
  • In 1994, he was convicted of the sexual assault of a six year-old girl, for which he received three years probation. (That’s right Outraged readers, tried to rape a child and got probation.) 
  • In May of 1995, while still on probation, he was arrested for hitting his seven-month pregnant wife over the head with a piece
    of lumber. 
  • On New Year’s Eve of 1995, he sexually assaulted an eleven year-old girl. Despite the fact that the attack was immediately reported and Ault was identified as the assailant, he was left free to roam and attack again. 
  • Last November, Ault raped one eleven year-old, and then killed her and her seven year-old sister.

These attacks occurred in Florida, which has enough room in its jails to incarcerate inventors involved in patent disputes with the state.

Ault says the system is to blame. We couldn’t agree more: if law enforcement officials had found and jailed Ault sooner, many lives would have been saved.

(Source: Miami Herald.)

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