Image of today's outrageSo you want to put a stop to illegal immigration, do you? Those damn immigrants, taking American jobs and taking advantage of government hand-outs!

What about the legal immigrants – the ones who work within the system? Millions of hard working people are legally in the United States, working hard, paying taxes, and getting – screwed. Legal immigrants pay all the same taxes you do – federal and state income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, real estate taxes when they own property; they also pay legal fees to work their way through the Kafkaesque immigration system – work visa, sponsorship, green card, citizenship. And yet, despite paying the full freight, they can’t vote in any elections, and thus have no political representation, and little or no political influence. You remember the original rallying cry of the American Revolution, don’t you – something about “No taxation without representation!”

And incidentally, those illegal immigrants? They’re the ones building the houses you live in – doing the real grunt work of masonry, carpentry, and general construction labor. Once the houses are built, they’ll be the ones you call to clean your house. And serve you at fast food restaurants. And help you find your stuff at Home Depot. And man the cash register at Wal-Mart. And be a nanny to your kids and caretaker to your elderly parents. And do all the other hard, grinding, thankless labor that you, and other Americans, really don’t want to do.


For the real facts, and both sides of the debate (which you’ll certainly
never get from The Outrage), visit http://www.newsbatch.com/immigration.htm

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