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A man in Denver is beaten to death outside of his apartment building. His neighbors saw the murder but no one called 911 – Plus, how the Chinese treat certain political prisoners.


Cats or Kids

In the very sublime kind of insanity known only to occur in American courtrooms, the killing of cats seems to merit harsher punishment than the killing of a child.



Today’s DO illustrates the virtue of forgiveness. Forgiveness needs to be shown in all strata of society, so we’re going to give you two very different examples, which we hope you can emulate.



A social worker enlightened us by explaining that none of us are really responsible for what we do — it’s all a matter of the complex interaction between our physical inheritance — genes, chromosomes, and the like — and our upbringing.


Killing Infants

As Steven Pinker and Michael Tooley have explained to us, killing babies is really no big deal.


Psychotic Killers And Lying Judges

On July 5, 1986, Juan Gonzalez was released from Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, after assuring his doctors that he would seek psychiatric help for his schizophrenia. Two days later, Juan Gonzalez carried a two-foot-long sword onto the Staten Island Ferry and went into a slashing frenzy.


The End Of Civilization

There has recently been a spate of robberies and, yes, even shootings of golfers on the Glenwood course.


Drunks Survive, Victims Die

INVOLUNTARY manslaughter? He CHOSE to get drunk, he CHOSE to get behind the wheel, he CHOSE to drive with a suspended license — and it’s involuntary when the inevitable happens and he kills someone?


Cops And Robbers

Let’s say it’s 1:00 in the morning, you just got off work an hour ago, and you and a buddy need $50 right away. Let’s say you’re a Chicago police officer and you happen to be carrying a gun. What is the most outrageously stupid thing you could do?


Cops Torture Prisoner

If you’re attacked, you call the police. But what do you do when you’re attacked BY the police?


The Price Of Secrecy

We don’t know how many lives he ruined on his first three “furloughs,” but the fourth time he went on a spree of rapes, during which he is alleged to have attacked at least three women.


Working Together

Let’s say you happen to be in Brooklyn and your car gets stolen. Bad, sure, but nothing particularly unusual. You might even say expected, unless you left Bruno and his doberman to watch it.


License To Rape

Juveniles in Tarrant County, Texas seem to have a license to commit the most heinous crimes without fear of reprisal, while their victims are left without protection from further attacks.


A Recurring Nightmare

Montie Rissell admitted to murder and received five life terms in prison. Yet in 1995, he became eligible for release from prison after serving only 18 years. Every summer, Rissell is eligible to apply for parole. And every summer, his victims have nightmares about the events of 20 years ago.


Jail? Never!

Melvin Davis was charged as an accessory in the May 18, 1996 drive-by shooting which resulted in the death of five year-old Brittany Shenice Daniels. Did he go to jail? No — he was released on bond.


Free To Kill

On May 30th, three gunmen armed with AK-47s and wearing black ski masks approached a Philadelphia street corner and fired 64 bullets at Felix Varcas. Not surprisingly, the barrage of bullets they used to kill their target also killed someone else — a pregnant 18 year-old woman.


A Mother’s Love

As veteran Daily Outrage readers know, we generally focus on injustice and the irrationality of juries, judges, bureaucrats, and others in positions of authority in public affairs. But occasionally we come across a single act of private, individual depravity that is so stunning that we’re not just outraged — we find it incomprehensible. Today we bring you one such story.


Heros In Prison

How does America reward those who fight its wars? Perhaps you should ask these Vietnamese Green Berets. In return for their loyalty and bravery, they got sent to prison.


Spymaster Goes Free

In 1993, Wolf was convicted of being the mastermind behind the infamous East German spy network for 33 years. But he walked away a free man — Germany’s highest court overturned the treason conviction.


Murderers And Rapists To Go Free

Thanks to another judge who thinks prisons are too crowded, the population of the US Virgin Islands will soon face dozens of violent offenders back on the streets. More than 50 convicted criminals are to be set free.


Victim Begs For Mercy

Bill Farrell, a Santa Ana resident, has been hit by burglaries three times in the last four months. He’s so desperate he now has put up a sign in his front yard telling robbers that he has nothing left to steal — they’ve already got it all.


License To Kill

John Anthony Diaz admits that he shot and killed Dawn Brown in 1993. In a case that is only now coming to trial, Diaz has concocted a unique “defense” that is symbolic of America’s twisted legal system in the late 20th century.


Child Rapist Let Free To Attack Again

Howard Steven Ault is now behind bars, awaiting trial. Yesterday, he gave media interviews alleging that he is guilty of other murders beyond the two children he admitted to killing last November and other attacks.


Inventor Serves Hard Time

In a criminal justice system where known murderers are released on technicalities you must wonder how they keep filling up all those prisons. Petr Taborsky knows how — he just served two years time, including time in a maximum security prison and work on a prison chain gang. What is his crime? The soft-spoken 35 year-old is an inventor.


Who Killed King?

Martin Luther King Jr.’s family believes that convicted King assassin James Earl Ray is an innocent man. In fact, Dexter King met with Ray for a little chat during which Martin Luther’s son promised Ray that he would assist him in making sure that “justice would prevail.”


Another Killer Goes Free On Technicality

When convicted killer Micheal Freeman stabbed to death 65 year-old Philip Meskinis he was probably handed the knife by Patrick Morse, a self-proclaimed “natural-born killer.” But Morse may never stand trial, although he confessed to his involvement in the murder.



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