May 30, 1997

Image of today's outrage

When we told you last Friday about a teacher having sex with a 13 year-old student, we thought we had found a pretty Outrageous story.

When we told you yesterday about a teacher sexually abusing a mentally retarded 10 year-old student, we thought we had seen the nadir of life in the public school system. But we were wrong.

Today, as we leave for our much-needed vacation, we leave you with an even more Outrageous story. This story shows the barbarism of the public school system, and the kind of travesty of justice that is common in our court systems.

In Philadelphia, two young boys entered a classroom. While the substitute teacher was sitting at the front of the room, the boys dragged a severely mentally retarded 13 year-old girl behind a blackboard and raped her.

One of the rapists had already been found guilty of hitting a teacher, yet he was still in school.

Rape is a terrible crime. Rape of a child is an atrocity. Rape of someone as completely vulnerable as a mentally ill child can only be judged as depraved. How did Judge Frank Reynolds sentence the offenders?

Speaking about the rapist Kenneth Ross, Judge Reynolds said “I love the child. I honestly do. I don’t want to hurt the boy.” No words of love about the completely innocent victim were spoken.

Ross will be sent to a juvenile treatment facility. The other rapist, Tyree Brown, will not be punished at all. He will be allowed to live at home while receiving “outpatient treatment and counseling.”

Let us recount this story for you: Boy One hits teacher, remains in school. Boy One then rapes severely mentally retarded girl, while teacher is present. Judge says he loves Boy One. Boy Two assists in rape, does not go to jail or juvenile facility but receives “counseling,” at taxpayer expense, of course.

And what happens to the poor girl? She lives with memories of terror, and the knowledge that her attackers weren’t punished. And she knows that it could easily happen again.

(Source: Philadelphia Inquirer.)

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