July 2, 1997


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Are you sensitive? Are you kind and gentle? Do you read poetry and cry? And if not — why the Hell not?!

We think you could need sensitivity training. But don’t feel bad — everyone’s doing it, even General Amos Halftrack. Is General Halftrack one of the people involved in the Aberdeen Training Grounds scandal? Nope. A lingering Tailhook case? Nope.

General Amos Halftrack is a character in the comic strip Beetle Bailey, which runs in 1800 newspapers in 38 countries. And yes, under pressure from politically correct newspaper editors, comic strip creator Mort Walker is really sending the foolish old character off for three days of sensitivity training.

It seems that General Halftrack has been ogling his buxom comic strip secretary a bit too often. Editors at politically correct media powerhouses Washington Post and Los Angeles Times were among those who complained.

Mort Walker, who has been drawing the famous strip for 37 years, finally yielded after six months of pressure from the editors. In this Age of Apology, Walker is doing his part by having General Halftrack apologize for his sexist behavior.

The apology has been spurred by the politically-charged and ongoing investigations into sexual harassment throughout the military. But as a real-life female secretary for an Army General says, “You have to be able to distinguish between a cartoon and real life.” Perhaps that’s asking too much of mainstream newspaper editors.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the upcoming Outrage sensitivity training course.

(Source: Washington Times.)

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