June 10, 1997


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As veteran Outrage readers know, we generally focus on injustice and the irrationality of juries, judges, bureaucrats, and others in positions of authority in public affairs. But occasionally we come across a single act of private, individual depravity that is so stunning that we’re not just outraged — we find it incomprehensible. Today we bring you one such story.

A teenager in New Jersey went to the prom with her boyfriend. So far, nothing unusual. The 19 year-old high school student was pregnant, which, unfortunately, is also not that unusual.

This teenager was nine-months pregnant. She gave birth in the restroom while the dance was going on.

Hold on to your stomachs, Outraged Readers. What did the teenager do with that poor baby? She threw it in the trash. Of course, it died.

Was it one of those awful situations where an unwed mother secretly gives birth and allows the baby to die, filled with shame and contrition?

Not this teen mother. After killing her own child — about as horrible an act as we can imagine, the new mother headed back out to the dance floor. She danced with her boyfriend and even requested a song from the band.

So tell us again about the maternal instinct.

(Source: CNN.)

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