My parents despaired of me. They saw my future as a church minister or teacher, but when I closed my eyes I dreamed. I saw an inventor who could send voices around the world without wires or cables. 'There's no future in that', my mother told me, and she was both right and wrong. Despite all my hard work, I lived most of my life near poverty. I fought years of court battles before seeing even a penny from my greatest invention.And worst of all, I was ridiculed by journalists, businessmen and even scientists for believing that voice could ever be transmitted without wires. But by the time of my death, not only was I wealthy from my patents but all of those people who had laughted at my ideas were twisting the dials of newly bought radios to hear the latest weather and sports.

— Reginald Aubrey Fessenden, Broadcasting inventor, 1866-1932  

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