There will be a numbers junkie or a cynic today who points out that Gibbs was 31-36 and never hosted a playoff game during his comeback, that there were too many senior moments and not enough memorable afternoons like the ones at RFK. But here's the thing: Gibbs was never about numbers and his return should not be measured statistically. To do so would be to calibrate his second tenure and not celebrate what the man really accomplished. Nationally, he made pro football in Washington matter again. Regionally, he brought order and pride back to a franchise suffering real embarrassment in January 2004. To his players he gave a sense of resolve and grit in the face of real-life adversity most had never known. Before and after Taylor's death, they weren't the only ones who rallied around their coach.

— JOe Gibbs tenure can’t be quantified/Mike Wise column WP  

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