you have to keep going. You need that mental focus. The media attention is unnerving too, and Hungry charles advises less experienced eaters "don't talk for 15 minutes before the contest; zone out by yourself. then the world is yours." Right now I'm doing five dog sprints, and cross training to increase my capacity". But I'm also running four times a week and lifting at the New York Sports Clubs. "competitive eating is what I live for, but I have to admit that I may have been distracted by the tangential benefits it has brought me" he says. It's the deuce (twenty hot dogs) that going to give me the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. I'll cry if I do the deuce. It means that much to me" Crazy Legs Badlands is preoccupied with Kobayashi "Watching him eat is seeing lightening in a bottle, poetry in motion" he says. Badlands four principles of competitive eating are "capacity, strategy, stamina, and focus".

— Hungry Charles, competive hot dog eating.  

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