From his 14 point advice about enterting restaurant business: 1. Be fully committed: Don't be a fence sitter or a waffler. 3. Don't steal. Knowing that you're a thief, whatever your excuse (My boss is a thief, "I need the money", "They'll never notice") feels lousy. 4. Always be on time. 5. Never make excuses or blame others 6. Never call in sick. 7. Lazy, slow and sloppy are bad. Enterprising, crafty, and hyperactive are good. 8. Be prepared to witness every variety of human folly and injustice. Without it screwing up your head or poisoning your attitude. 10. Try not to lie. 13. Read! 14. Have a sense of humor about things. You'll need it.

— How to make it in the restaurant business by Anthony Bourdain  

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