The accidental entrepreneur like me" said (Gordon) Moore later "has to fall into the opportunity or be pushed into it....then the entreprenuerial opportunity eventually catches on.. "Starting Intel was easy. Noyce just called up the laconic Arthur Rock, who had by now founded his own firm. Intel's business plan was only a page and a half. Such was the confidence in Noyce and Moore that within the two afternoons every one of the 15 investors Rock called came in to back memory chips, a technology that did not exist. Intel envisioned selling the chip for use in traffic lights, ovens, cars, and watches - but not PCs. Intel went public in Oct. 71, the same day as Playboy Enterprises. Both companies were valued about equally, but within a year the value of Intel over Playboy had doubled. As one Wall Street analyst said, "It's memories over mammaries."

— Harold Evans  

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