Not really.' How would she feel if she had to lie on a beach in Ibiza for two months? 'It's unfathomable,' she says. She looks actually appalled. 'It would be panic. I can't leave everything. You know, it's a real problem. My husband likes to take seven, eight weeks of holiday a year. We've finally come to a compromise. He takes some on his own, I go with him some, he takes some of the children on some, and some on others. But, no. This thing is like some huge great bubble hanging over me the whole time.' the goals keep moving and why is it that I never stop at the goal and say, "Wow that's great"? I never think that. All I look at is, "Gee, there's other funds that are bigger or better, how do I get to where they are?" Then the goalposts move again.'

— Finerman on vacations  

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