so I got ahold of Joseph LeConte’s [Elements of Geology]. Right there I decided to become an engineer.” He began to devote his nightly reading to technical subjects, gradually transforming himself into an entirely self-taught hydraulic engineer. In the spring of 1878, Mulholland joined the privately held L.A. City Water Company (LAWC) as a ditch-tender. This was not easy work (“Sometimes I had to jump into the water to clean out those ditches,” he recalled. “It was no gingerbread job!”), but Mulholland somehow still had energy enough to continue his evening studies. His principal goal was to understand the hydrology of his adopted home and in particular the idiosyncrasies of the rather temperamental Krist, Gary (2018-05-14T23:58:59). The Mirage Factory . Crown/Archetype. Kindle Edition.

— Developer of LA through water  

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