the thing I heard most consistently from these people, even at the height of the recession, was how hard it was to find employees who were willing to learn a new skill, a skill that's actually in demand and show up early and stay late. Why is there a shortage of welders when 12 million people are out of work and a good one right now in North Dakota can make $120,000 a year? Here's the numbers nobody argues with: $1.1 trillion dollars in student loans, currently outstanding, 3.5 million jobs currently available and 6 point whatever million people currently out of work. Those are the three things I try and look at. I hate to generalize but I personally feel comfortable in looking at those numbers and saying, I conclude, Mike Rowe concludes that we're lending money we don't have to kids who can't pay it back to educate them for jobs that no longer exist. That was my first message to Congress: I said "Gentlemen, I sit here before you addicted, hopelessly addicted, to smooth roads, paved highways, smooth runways, cheap electricity, chewing and swallowing, and indoor plumbing." These are my addictions. I can’t get enough of them. Read more: http://www.mensjournal.com/magazine/mike-rowe-brings-back-the-blue-collar-hero-20141015#ixzz3GzQi6GqP Follow us: @mensjournal on Twitter | MensJournal on Facebook

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