As Mafia boss, he was one of the richest men in Italy, but, when he knew he was being hunted, he chose to move to a small shed, and live in virtual poverty, rather than leave the country. "Why men like Provenzano live truncated, shitty lives as fugitives instead of moving to a discreet nation in Africa where they can live on a beach with 200 servants. - 'in Sicily, it's better to rule than to fuck.' At the end, he sacrifed almost everythin: a mile away frm a a wife and family he could not touch, his vast fortune hidden somewhere and virtually useless, sitting in a little decrepid shed and watching TV with a blanket over his head to hide the light. And now (in prison) he lives out his last days in silence, in a small cell, eating alone, watching soap operas on TV.

— Bernardo Povenzano, Sicilian boss of bosses  

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