From Wrenches to the Sublime 12 artists whose original works, curated by Vincent Price, were sold by Sears & Roebuck. From 1962 to 1971, voracious collector and horror-film star Vincent Price acquired over 50,000 pieces of art for Sears & Roebuck, which were sold in catalogs and stores for accessible prices, their authenticity guaranteed. For example, Picasso’s “Girl With a Boat,” a 1938 canvas now in a Swiss museum, sold for $800, as did a painting by Piet Mondrian. Here, a partial list of the names whose work you could have scored while picking up a socket set. Rembrandt van Rijn, etching signed in the plate, $275 Alexander Calder, signed colored lithograph, $135 Marc Chagall, signed hand-colored etching, $300 Franciso Goya, etching, $110 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, lithograph signed in the plate, $265 Man Ray, signed colored lithograph, $95 Fernand Léger, signed colored lithograph, $100 Salvador Dalí, signed colored lithograph, $400 Pablo Picasso, signed lithograph, $275 James Abbott McNeill Whistler, etching signed in the plate, $40 Robert Motherwell, signed colored lithograph, $95 Sources: Sears & Roebuck catalogs for The Vincent Price Collection of Fine Art, Vincent Price Art & Artist Files, Smithsonian, Hirshhorn; Frick Collection Where to travel in 2019? The world's best secret restaurants? How to power-trip at work? Because life is always more manageable in list form, we've ranked, tallied and indexed everything from Instagram stars to the salaries of videogamers. Published Oct. 24, 2018 Advertisement 101 Ways to Live, Work and Goof Off More Ambitiously To go from a mere Type A to a Type A+, consider these inspiring suggestions. You’ll never vacation, ask for raises, ascend Mount Everest, eat pizza or blow bubbles the complacent way again. 5 Total-Body Workout Machines That Put Your Treadmill to Shame From virtual-reality core workouts to live rowing classes and personal trainers broadcast into your home, these next-level solutions will make gym-rats want to sweatily cocoon. The 10 Most Intriguing Travel Destinations for 2019 Here, our top destinations worth zeroing in on in 2019, from an Argentinian wine region to—wait for it—Missouri. 5 Restaurants Genuinely Worth Traveling For Determined diners are willing to plan their entire trip around one meal at these out-of-the-way restaurants—from Maine to Sweden. 12 Ingredients on the Insiders’ Fall Grocery List Fruits, veggies and more that chefs around the country are loving right now, as the harvest rolls in, temperatures dip and ovens heat up. 6 Albums Ideal to Listen to on American Road Trips For each of these classic drives, Dan Neil picked a musical selection that thematically echoes the journey and lasts just long enough to get you there. Razoring the Stakes 7 slogans marketers used to sell men an ever-escalating number of blades. 7 Beach Resorts You Can Still Book for Christmas Week At these easy-to-reach resorts, you can still score a humanely priced room for a sun-soaked winter holiday. 6 Weird Want Ads for Extremely Niche Collections Arcane objects that collectors with perplexing passions pursue—via old-school classified sections in antiques magazines. Dear Crabby 4 bits of advice from Cosmo’s Helen Gurley Brown that aged poorly. Power Surge 13 things you thought you’d never have to charge. Menu for End Times (or Quebec in Winter) 25 edible essentials for the well-appointed bunker, from the cookbook ‘Joe Beef: Surviving the Apocalypse’ by chefs Frédéric Morin and David McMillan, of Montreal’s Joe Beef, and Meredith Erickson (Nov. 27, Knopf). You Son Of a Niche 21 examples of Netflix’s weirdly specific genre suggestions. Design Ev’ry Mountain 4 original tourism posters from the 1930s, available now at the London gallery AntikBar and sold online at abebooks.com. A Far More Palatable Halloween Sequel 6 Japanese sweets that will wow trick-or-treaters (but you’ll want to hoard for yourself), from bokksu.com. Look Out, LaCroix Pamplemousse 26 flavors of soda pop listed in a 1912 report on Michigan bottlers from the state’s Dairy and Food Commission. Adventures in Masochism 4 punishing international races that’ll get your heart pumping like no mere marathon could. Pet Psychic at Your Service 8 uncommon hotel amenities. High Maintenance 11 items Sir Edmund Hillary carried in his pack on the penultimate leg of his 1953 Mount Everest ascent. Ode to a Brooding Bot 3 haunting poetry stanzas of dubious merit—based on ‘The Shining’ and ‘written’ by an artful artificial intelligence system. The Cost of Coasting Average coach-class airfares* on a round-trip flight in July from LAX to JFK since 2009. Motel Mayhem 12 creepy films set in motor inns, ranked from worthy to woeful, as per Rotten Tomatoes. Grounds Rules 4 trending coffee-bar items, as decoded in ‘The New Rules of Coffee’ by Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen (Ten Speed Press). 7 Reasons Why You’ll Be Eating More Eggs This Fall These egg dishes from around the world (and some of the season’s top cookbooks) show off this humble ingredient’s subtle genius and universal appeal. Groove Is In the Ugh 25 names Thomas Edison and his colleagues rejected before landing on ‘phonograph’—and the explanatory ‘translations’ the inventor jotted down. 5 Reasons to Ditch Your ‘All-Season’ Suit This Fall Weightier wools, corduroy and tweed are counter-intuitively the more versatile way to go. Art of The Meal 19 foods Frida Kahlo laid out to share with departed loved ones in observance of Day of the Dead. Rules of Engagement 7 gentlemanly guidelines for playing golf in war-torn England in 1940. Video Gaming the System 6 reasons your mom was wrong when she told you to put down the controller and study. Comme Des Cocos 8 Chanel-ish jackets that aren’t by Chanel, demonstrating the pervasiveness of Mademoiselle Coco’s enduring—and constantly reimagined—tweed jacket design. Dress Code: ‘Undress’ 5 antiquated clothing terms that tell a tale about the history of menswear. Tress Test Can you ID 5 famed scrunchie wearers using these clues? Alive and Well-Cooked 4 American food species rescued from extinction, profiled in the book ‘Food From the Radical Center: Healing Our Land and Communities’ by Gary Paul Nabhan (Island Press). Inadequate Vibrations 5 of the weird, charming, ultimately unnecessary inventions that failed to keep Brookstone’s stores afloat. Can We Meet at Noon in Britney? 30 actual conference-room names that must make office confabs a little less awful. What’s In a Code Name? Match each of these 6 Apple products with its moniker during development. Home, Sigh, Home 20 books with ‘Home’ in the title came to us this year. Here are 15 of them. From Wrenches to the Sublime 12 artists whose original works, curated by Vincent Price, were sold by Sears & Roebuck. Hi-Gloss Toad 5 things designers have been inspired to match paint to. Clipped Wings—and Claws 13 types of animals banned by American Airlines as emotional-support flying companions. Social Butterflies 5 interior designers (without TV shows) who have huge followings on Instagram. 5 Pet Homes That Humans Will Envy These shelters for domesticated animals prioritize aesthetics—with some curious, stunning results. From ‘Pet-tecture: Designs for Pets,’ by Tom Wainwright (Phaidon).

— art from Sears  

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