Entrepreneurs can be accused of many things, but taking the path of least resistance is not one of them. There are too many easier ways to get ahead in life than by trying to build a company. Yet some entrepreneurs almost seem to go out of their way to make it even harder. Instead of grabbing for the low-hanging fruit of the business world - cloning a proven concept, feeding a fad, carving out a neat little niche - these individuals stretch for something more outrageously original, something against which powerful forces will inevitably align in an effort to preserve the status quo. If most company founders face long odds, these uber enterpreneurs work in the shadow of a mountain of chips bet the other way....big ambitions promise big rewards, and not just in dollars. the real payoff is about making a mark on the world - and it might best be measued in terms of serious injuries averted, Lexus quality autos at an unbelievably low price, an environment made greener, or a better connected planet.


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