Ever think that you’re a relatively sane person living in an insane world? Fashion Designer Joseph Abboud knows the feeling. A sports crazy, straight family man living in a world dominated by gays, born in Lebanon among those dominated by Europeans, a man who thinks that clothes are something people should actually be able to wear, and ads that should actually have some relationship to the products being advertised and their customers But he may like women a little bit too much, and seems to have a hard time with the idea that men other than himself can have good fashion sense. (Women see the aesthetic, not the hype. They’re able to be more experimential and reach farther than men, who are pragmatic and literal….they’re more intuitive and know what they want to see a guy wearing. The male designers on the other hand, often seem less interested in learning the craft than in making a splash. (15) As for the gay part, it may surprise you how many designers of men clothes – men like Abboud and the king, Ralph Lauren, are straight. As are most of the models. The same does not hold true for men who design primarly for women. (Tom Ford, Valentino, Vercase, all gay.).

— Joseph Abboud  

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