Mr. Koch is the Palm Beach, Fla., billionaire and brother of the political activists Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries (of which Bill Koch has no part today). He famously spent some $40 million on legal fees and multi-year investigations into the problem of wine fraud. According to Brad Goldstein, an investigative consultant who led Mr. Koch’s wine-fraud investigation team, Mr. Koch has won multiple civil suits and settlements from wine counterfeiters as well as auction houses and other collectors from whom he unwittingly purchased counterfeit wines. It took a large team of experts that included former FBI, CIA and MI6 agents, chemists, forensic scientists and an inspector from Scotland Yard to uncover the breadth and depth of the fraud. Mr. Koch spent far more than he’s received in judgments and settlements, but for him, it’s the principle that matters. “I hate to be cheated,” he said. Mr. Koch met me in the foyer of his house. “Palatial” doesn’t capture the scope of the 45,000-square-foot dwelling, just as “extraordinary” doesn’t begin to describe his art collection, which includes works by Picasso and Monet. We repaired to his cellar, which held around 44,000 bottles until Mr. Koch sold half at auction at Sotheby’s two years ago for $21.9 million. It was one of the biggest wine-auction totals in history, and all the wines had been carefully vetted by Mr. Koch’s investigative team beforehand. a 1921 Château Pétrus. “ Robert Parker gave the wine 100 out of 100 points,” he said, referring to wine critic Robert M. Parker, Jr. Mr. Koch had to have the wine. He paid $33,150.63 for a magnum. When he opened the magnum at a dinner with friends, he found it did not match Mr. Parker’s description. “It tasted like the cheapest wine from California,” he said. “It tasted like moose piss.” (That’s a favorite Koch term for a really bad wine.

— Bill Koch on fake wines and a really pretentious lifestyle  

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