Warren, Put a muzzle on it!

Are you tired of hearing Warren Buffett prognosticate? We know we are.

Sure, he’s a great investor, although over the last 3 years you would have done better with an S&P index fund. Nonetheless, he’s one of the great investors of our age; he’s also one of the great hypocrites of our age.

Buffett talks a lot about how his personal income taxes are too low – so pay more Warren! No one will stop you. In fact, he does everything he can to minimize the tax bill of his Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate.

He talks a lot about executives being overcompensated, but despite being in a position of great potential influence, he’s never used his position as a massive shareholder to actually change the way corporations are run.

He supports democratic candidates for political office, despite the fact that everything they do is absolutely antithetical to the values he espouses in his own company.

Most recently, Buffett, a major Hillary Clinton donor, has been criticizing Donald Trump, with Buffet saying that America has “never been greater”. Really?

The same America that now has a national debt of over $160,000 per taxpayer? With massive unfunded entitlement programs?

The same America in which you can’t smile without being sued?

The same America with an anemic economic growth rate?

The same America in which people don’t read serious books, but do spend all their time posting pictures of themselves in acts of conspicuous consumption?

We’re pretty sick and tired of Buffett’s sanctimonious platitudes. For those of us who are not billionaires, he just sounds like another limousine liberal.

Put a muzzle on it, Warren, or try getting a real job and seeing how things look in America in 2016.

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